You want your wedding to be gorgeous and swoon worthy. I mean who doesn’t? Achieving that magazine worthy wedding can be easier said than done. Most weddings you see featured in major wedding publications, print or digital, spare no expense from the flowers to the cake to the decor. But what if I told you, you could have that breathtakingly perfect wedding within your budget? It’s completely possible. The one little secret to having the perfect wedding no matter your budget is branding.

When you hear the words brand, branding, or branded you probably think it only applies to a business or corporation. Well, it can actually apply to any element of your life, including your wedding. I treat branding your wedding the same way you would treat branding a product or company. You start with describing the way you want your wedding to look and how you want your guests to feel. From there you move on to selecting signature colors, fonts, and emblems that will appear throughout every element of your big day. This then creates your “brand” experience and every element of your big day should reflect it. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll dive into each area of your wedding giving you my tips on branding that element to fit your wedding. But, today I want to dive into one of the easiest, yet most overlooked, aspects of your wedding to brand, the stationery.

How to Brand Your Wedding with Basic Invite for @theidolist

Image Courtesy of Basic Invite

Your wedding stationery, which includes save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, information cards, menus, programs, and any other paper products, is often times cast aside as an unimportant detail. However, your save the dates and invitations are the first piece of your wedding that guests see and can make a huge impact even on a tight budget.

When trying to brand paper goods in a budget friendly way, I love to send clients to an online invitation company called Basic Invite. Don’t let the name fool you though, their offerings are anything but basic! It’s one of my favorite companies to use for a few reasons but mainly because they make keeping everything on brand easy. When incorporating your stationery into your wedding brand there are a few things to keep in mind.

Design is important

There is this little saying I’ve heard all my life, which is “pretty loves pretty.” Basically, what it means is that you shouldn’t worry about if two things go together. If you like one thing, it will go with the other thing you like. While this might work in home decor, it’s not quite that simple with weddings. If you’re having a low key, fun destination beach wedding, you shouldn’t choose a formal gold leaf invitation, no matter how gorgeous it is. You want to choose something that reflects the overall theme and feel of your wedding. Basic Invite has over 200 budget wedding invitations that make it easy to find the perfect design to fit your wedding brand without blowing your budget.

How to Brand Your Wedding with Basic Invite for @theidolist

Image Courtesy of Basic Invite

Color is key

The easiest way to tie every element of your wedding together ensuring that it’s magazine ready is through color. When you choose your signature wedding colors you’ll want to keep each detail within that palette. Sometimes that’s easier said than done though. Unfortunately, there is no standard color offering each season between rental companies, dress designers, and stationers. Sometimes you’re left to just match as close as you can which isn’t always ideal. However, when you choose a design through Basic Invite, you can change any color you see on any design, down to the leaf color on a flower. With over 160 color options, you can almost guarantee your invitations will match every other element of your big day perfectly. Plus, their 40 envelope colors allow you to carry your palette all the way through.

How to Brand Your Wedding with Basic Invite for @theidolist

Image Courtesy of Basic Invite

Don’t forget about wording + fonts

The way you word your invitations and other paper goods is almost as important as they look. For more formal weddings, you’ll choose more traditional wording. For a casual affair, the words can be a bit more fun and informal. Additionally, font choice plays a big role. You’ll want to be sure you’re choosing consistent fonts throughout all the printed materials for your wedding. Since Basic Invite allows you to adjust the wording and font on all invitations to your liking, it’s easy to keep each element on brand.

Coordinate every printed piece from start to finish

Each printed piece from your save-the-date postcards to your wedding place cards to your thank you notes should coordinate with your invitation. Since every design found on Basic Invite is part of a set, this is easy! When each piece is coordinated together it looks like you put extra thought and effort into every detail. It’s little things like this that will make your wedding stand out from all the rest!

How to Brand Your Wedding with Basic Invite for @theidolist

Image Courtesy of Basic Invite

Get a sample before ordering

You’ve just put in all the effort to incorporate your invitations and paper goods into your wedding brand. The last thing you want is for the color you thought was a perfect match to actually be completely wrong, especially after you’ve just ordered 150 sets… Basic Invite allows you to order a custom sample of the invitation you have designed which includes the colors, fonts, text, paper weight, and invitation shape. This means you’ll be able to see your actual invitation in person before ordering to guarantee it’s exactly as you imagined!

Now that you know how to brand your wedding and paper goods, be sure to check out Basic Invite for all of your stationery needs!

Does branding your wedding intimidate you a little bit? Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer your questions!



*This post is sponsored by Basic Invite. I received compensation in exchange for writing this post. However, all topics and opinions are my own.