I already have everything for my house. My fiancé and I have lived together for years. We’re older and have established homes and no need for that stuff. I really just want money to buy what I want or put towards a house.

These are the objections I hear from couples everyday that are opposed to registering. And let me start by saying, I completely understand where you’re coming from. When I got engaged, I thought the exact same thing until my mom and mother in law convinced me otherwise. Now I’m so happy I went through with the registry.

If you’re on the fence about creating a registry, or even if you aren’t, keep reading to find out not only why you should register but everything else you need to know about creating the ultimate registry for your big day.

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Why should I register?

Like I mentioned above, there are often objections to creating a registry and I can completely respect your perspective. There are certain things you need in this life and new towels just aren’t one of them. But, regardless of if you register or not, people are going to buy you gifts and some people (a lot of people actually) find that giving cash is impersonal. So, if these people are going to give you gifts anyways, shouldn’t it at least be something you like or want?

let me share a little something from experience. As I mentioned above, I started out in the same boat as you. Once I made my registry though and started receiving wedding gifts at engagement parties, showers and ultimately the wedding, it was the best. Rob and I lived together for close to four years before we got married. However, all the items we had were carry over from our individual apartments – college level stuff.

Even though we both had jobs, extra money didn’t go towards buying quality towels, sheets and household goods that would last for years on end. It went towards saving for our first home, buying my first big girl car and other things like that which would set us up for our future.

Our towels are so much softer. Our kitchen knives actually cut things. Our silverware actually matches. I finally have frames to display pictures from our time together and everything else got the upgrade it so desperately needed.

Needless to say, we look like the professional, full functioning adults we’ve always been with a home to prove it. And, I haven’t had to buy towels or dishes in the three years we’ve been married. Simply the best!

What do I even register for?

I strongly believe that it’s always worth it to register for some household items. Even if you’ve lived together for years, use this opportunity to upgrade existing items or register for the items that you really want but would never buy yourself. Hello KitchenAid Stand Mixer! In addition to the standard household items like I always suggest adding items from the following categories to your list as well:

  • Specialty Serving Pieces – thinking serving platters, spoons, electric knives, anything you might need to host holiday dinners and big family celebrations
  • Outdoor Items – gardening equipment, planters, wreaths, grills and even outdoor furniture are fun additions you’d be excited to get
  • Décor Items – art, vases, frames, throw pillows, blankets and cookbooks are some of my favorites.
  • Tools – if you plan on buying a home together after getting married, you’ll need tools to do all those cool projects like you see on HGTV and fix all the things
  • Experiences – with the help of the registry sites I’ve listed below, you can register for experiences and even your honeymoon.

Where should you register?

Everyone knows Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a registry service. Truthfully, it’s probably the most well known and frequently used location to register and, for good reason. They literally have everything. But, Bed, Bath, and Beyond might just not be the store for you. And, that’s okay. Almost every major retailer has a registry service and if they don’t you can utilize sites like MyRegistry or Zola to create a single registry with any item from any online retailer. Seriously, if your favorite local home goods store has an online shop, those items can even be added. The general rules I use though when choosing your registry locations is to pick no more than three retailers (unless using a single site like MyRegistry or Zola) with at least one of those retailers having budget friendly options (ex. Target).