There’s no doubt we’re living in a digital world. Chances are someone captured your engagement on camera for the world to see. And, while you’re anxious to share the exciting news with the world, there are a few things you need to do first.

Before you take to Facebook and Instagram to make the big announcement, you’ll want to be sure you call your parents and other close family members first. Whether you do it immediately after saying yes or wait a few hours, calling on the phone to share the news is the appropriate gesture if you can’t tell them in person.

After you tell your parents and other close family members, it’s time to share the happy news with your friends. Just like your family, your best friends won’t want to find out via social media either. While you don’t have to tell everyone on your friends list via phone or text, do tell your closest friends before posting it online. The rule of thumb to use in this instance is that if you wouldn’t want to find out about their engagement via social media, they wouldn’t want to learn about yours that way either.

Once you’ve told your parents, close family members and friends, it’s time to share the happy news with the rest of the world. When making the announcement, be sure to not share any specific details about the big day such as date or location. When you share this info in a public way, people can often assume they’ll be invited when they otherwise wouldn’t be.

For your guests

This time of year, we’re all likely to know someone who will be getting engaged. Just like there are rules the couples should follow when announcing their engagement on social media, there are a few things you should do as well.

If the happy couple has called or texted you to share the big news, don’t congratulate them on social media just yet. You never know who they’ve had an opportunity to speak with and you don’t want someone important to find out online. Additionally, if you’re attending a surprise engagement celebration right after the proposal, you’ll want to keep pictures to yourself for just a bit.

When it comes to posting about the couple’s big news, the best rule to follow is to wait until the couple posts about their engagement first. If the couple doesn’t have social media (surprising I know!), then always ask for permission before sharing. And, just like the happy couple, be sure to avoid sharing specific details in your post.

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