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You’re busy. You’re overwhelmed and you have no idea what you’re doing. But, let me tell you a secret, you’re not supposed to know what to do. After all, you’ve never planned a wedding before. How would you know how much to budget for a venue or when to send your invitations? That’s why we’re here.


 I’m Sarah White, founder of The I Do List and wedding planner. After years in the wedding industry, I realized there was a huge gap in the market. Either you had a large enough budget to hire a full service planner or you were left to spend endless hours Googling “How to Plan a Wedding” until your coordinator took over with one month left. It was stressful and left so many couples wishing the wedding was over already.


 On a mission to make planning as stress free for couples as possible, I founded The I Do List, an affordable, modern solution to wedding planning. With years of experience working as a catering manager, full service wedding planner and venue coordinator, I use my extensive industry knowledge to guide and assist couple through the planning process so they can stress less and have a more joy filled wedding day.


 I’ve had a passion for weddings and special events since I can remember and thrive on sharing planning advice with overwhelmed couples. Nothing makes me happier than to inspire you to plan a wedding that is truly representative of who you are. As a virtual wedding planner, I now have the ability to help more couples than ever before.


 Through our virtual planning platform I can help you plan, collaborate and manage every aspect of your wedding no matter where you’re located and in a more affordable way. With your amazing ideas and my professional assistance, you’ll have the wedding you’ve always imagined without the stress.


 When I’m not helping you plan with your big day, you can find me obsessing over my insanely cute pups, drinking wine with my husband and daydreaming about our next house project.



clients say

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you did for us on and before our wedding. You truly made the planning process fun and enjoyable for my mom and I. I cannot think of a single thing I would change about the wedding, and that’s the goal, right? Thank you so much and best wishes to you.

- Emily Hudson Perrin


I wanted to thank you again for helping me plan the most amazing wedding!  We would not have done a thing differently. Everything was even more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart 🙂

- Janet Sczerba

Mother of the Bride

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