#1 Wedding Planning Tip

Today, I want to share a little secret with you. This is going to be your biggest asset when planning your wedding. Seriously, this one little secret is the key to less stress in my opinion. You ready for it?

Make quick decisions.

Yep. That’s it. When you’re planning a wedding, you’re flooded with options for every little detail. There are literally thousands and thousands of possibilities on the market for everything from your invitations to your dress to the vendors you choose. It’s incredibly easy to get decision paralysis (I talked a little about that here). Or, even worse, buyer’s remorse.

To be completely honest, buyer’s remorse is so prominent in wedding planning. I often times have clients second guessing every decision for fear that something better may come along. I read questions every day in our virtual planning community from brides asking if they should switch from this to that.

When you’re knee deep in planning, being able to look at your options, trust your gut, make a quick decision and stick with it is key. I’m not saying you shouldn’t evaluate all your options and make an uninformed decision. All I’m saying is once you find the dress you love, stop looking at other options online or going to new bridal salons. Once you’ve chosen your colors, stop thinking about the other color combos you could choose. Once you’ve found a photographer you love, stop wondering if there’s someone better out there.

Trust your gut and be able to make a decision. Your timeline, budget and sanity will thank you later!


#1 Wedding Planning Tip


What is one thing you’re struggling with when it comes to planning right now? Leave a comment below and I’ll try to help!

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