I’m sure you’ve heard the stories from friends, family members and coworkers about how your wedding day will just fly by. From the time you wake up till your grand send off, the entire day can just be a blur. I’ve heard this from previous clients and I know first hand, that wedding day, while the happiest day in your life, can seem like the shortest too. I remember everything leading up to my reception back in October but after that, it seems like a fleeting memory, almost as if it wasn’t real life. Now, close to 6 months later, I’m wishing I could go back and do it again. Not because I would change anything, but so that I could relive the amazing night all over and not miss a single detail.

Since taking in and enjoying every moment is a wedding task every couple strives to achieve, we’ve asked a few friends to share their tips (from both personal and professional experience) on how you can create a more memorable wedding day!

Tip #1: “Do a first look! I feel that couples forego this for a more traditional “down the aisle” first look out of tradition or fear. I feel that couples who decide to see each other before hand have a more intimate moment to see each other, talk, and get a grasp on their day before the busy-ness ensues. They’re able to lean on each other and relax rather than feel rushed” – Rachel Fesko of Rachel Fesko Photography

 Tip #2: “Eat! I wish I would have ate. Seriously, I was so excited to put together a nacho bar and a brownie bar and I didn’t even eat.” – Sarah Fritz of The Yellow Mustard Seed Soap Co.

 Tip #3: “Take good care of yourself in the month leading up to the wedding. Don’t overschedule yourself. Leave time for rest. And, boost your immune system!” – Kaitlin Beckwith of Captured by Kaitlin Rose

Tip #4: “At the end of the night, just my husband and I went back to our head table and sat together for a few moments. We kicked up our feet (gown and all) and took in the aftermath of the party and spoke about the elation and love we felt at that moment. It allowed us to connect to all that whirlwind day had meant to us.” – Mandi Pimental of Nosh and Nurture

Tip #5: “At different moments throughout the day- as you are walking down the aisle, during your ceremony, in the middle of the reception, take a deep breath and force yourself to take a look around and soak it all in! If you think you’ll forget, have a bridesmaid come up and remind you to do this every so often! Some of your favorite moments from your wedding day will just be observing your parents laughing at their table, your little sister tearing up during your vows, a sea of smiling faces greeting you as you walk up the aisle and your new husband standing at the end smiling! It all passes in an instant and those “mental pictures” throughout the day that you get from taking a deep breath and just being in the moment will live on with you as some of your favorite memories of the day!” – Lauren Perry of Lauren Perry Studio

Tip #6: “Have the guests write their favorite moment of the day before they leave. Have everyone put it into a jar or box and the couple can read it whenever they want to remember the day.” – Megan Freeman of Trend Addictions

Tip #7: “My biggest fear with my wedding (last June) was exactly that- that I wouldn’t remember anything! There was so much hustle and bustle in the days leading up to the wedding but when it came to the actual day, one thing that helped me the most was not being rushed. We started getting ready plenty early, so I felt like I was able to just enjoy the process leading up to the ceremony.” “I think overall, it’s good to just mentally prepare and remind yourself to take the day one step at a time, don’t get caught up in the frenzy, and just BE there. It was truly amazing.” – Callan Conkle of What’s Up Texas

Tip #8: “A videographer was the most important thing looking back. There are so many people/things that are missed and it really helps capture the feel of the day.” – Amberly Odom of Wrennwood Event Design

Tip #9: “I tell all of my clients to stop, breath and look around. You have to stop the day and do this. In fact, I work “moments” into my timeline. I’m married and know that was the best thing I did on my wedding day – and it did not pass in a blur.” – Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design

Tip #10: “Don’t over schedule, especially just because family or parents may pressure you to. If you don’t want a luncheon, skip it! After our bride and groom photos, my husband and I had a little time before the reception started so we went and got frozen yogurt in our wedding attire. It was so nice to not feel rushed. We took a few minutes for ourselves, and that is now a cherished memory. A wedding doesn’t have to be a 15 hour day, just do the stuff that really counts to you!” – Kathryn Bruns of A Twist of Lemon Photography

Tip #11: “Make sure, directly after the ceremony, to have some alone time. It’s so important!” – Joni Bilderback of Joni Bilderback Photography

*Above images taken by The Anti Bride at my own wedding. Some of my favorite memories from the day include me wiping lipstick off my husband’s face after our first kiss (feature image), the Tomahawk Chop during the reception (bottom left image), my great-grandmother breaking into the cupcakes before we opened up the dessert table (middle bottom image), our friend doing a backflip on concrete floors giving us all a mild heart attack (bottom right image), these lovely 3 people that crashed our wedding -seriously! (middle right image), and changing into yoga pants and an oversized oxford so I could keep partying! (top right image)