I’m not going to sugar coat this topic at all. Creating your guest list is a major pain in the rear. Should you invite your high school friends? Should your mom be allowed to invite her book club because they’ve heard all about you, your relationship, and feel like they know you even though they’ve never met you? If you said yes to either of the previous questions, odds are your guest list is probably starting to skyrocket with no signs of slowing down. And, unless you have an unlimited budget, you’re probably starting to wonder how you are going to pay for all of these people. Don’t you worry though, IDL is here to help!

While it’s hard to know where to draw the line, these 7 tips will help you get that guest list under control once and for all!

  1. If you haven’t seen or spoken to them in 2+ years, it’s a no: This goes for your high school best friend and your college roommate. If the person you are considering is not family and you haven’t seen or heard from them in more than two years, you can take their name off the list. Even if they were an important part of your life at some point, just say no.
  2. If you don’t hangout with your coworkers outside of work, it’s a no: I know you probably see these people every day and you may even discuss wedding details over lunch, but if you don’t make an effort to hang out with each other after hours, cross them off.
  3.  Your parent’s friends you’ve never seen, met, or heard of are a big no: Yes, your mom may discuss the details of your relationship and wedding with the members of her book club. And, your dad may do the same with his golf buddies, but that doesn’t mean they should get invited to your wedding. If mom and dad are trying to sneak a few names of people you’ve never met, let alone heard of, onto the list, politely say no and move on.
  4. Just say no to kids: This is actually a very controversial way to cut your guest list down. Some people are offended if you don’t include their children on the invitation. However, it’s not their wedding. And, if you are having a formal affair, it’s probably not the right environment for a group of kids to be running around anyways.
  5. If you feel obligated to invite them, you probably shouldn’t: Just because you were invited to someone’s wedding doesn’t mean they should be invited to yours. If you feel a sense of obligation when it comes time to invite a guest, that’s usually a pretty good indication that you really don’t want or feel need to invite them.
  6. Not every single guest needs a plus one: I like to stick to a general rule of thumb when it comes to plus ones; if a guest does not have a serious significant other, then they do not get a plus one. Often guests feel obligated to bring someone if you have the words “and guest” on their invitation. But usually, people are not offended if you don’t give them a plus one.
  7. Your wedding is not the time to make amends with long lost family member: This goes back to #1 a little bit. If you have a strained relationship with a family member, your wedding is not the time to extend an olive brand. If you can’t make amends before the wedding, leave them off the list!

If you follow these tips, you’re guest list should be under control in no time. But, if still have questions submit them to hello@myidolist.com and we’ll answer them on #weddingchatwednesday!