There are two things that never fail to be true about fall. It’s football season and one of the most popular seasons to get married.  But, with most college teams not releasing their full schedule until the February or March prior to season start, it can be hard plan a wedding and guarantee that your big day doesn’t also occur on the day of the big game. So what do you do if the inevitable happens and kick off is right in middle of your first dance? We have a few tried and true suggestions that will keep people celebrating your wedding and not focusing on the field.

  1. Hire an AMAZING DJ: While a good DJ can keep guests dancing all night with no distractions, a great DJ can make them forget all about the big game. Read reviews, talk to past clients, and ask the DJ how he or she would deal with the situation. Also, to keep guests from constantly checking their phones and social media for updates, have your DJ monitor it for you and give score updates, quarter starts and end, and any other major happening for your team.
  2. Host an unplugged ceremony:  To keep guests from watching the game on their phones during your ceremony, have an unplugged ceremony. With an unplugged wedding, you asks guests to politely put their phones away until they arrive at cocktail hour. While this won’t stop them from checking in during dinner, it will keep the focus on the reason they are really there for a short period of time.
  3. Take a risk on the date: Since the most popular wedding venues tend to book a year or so in advance this option won’t work for you if you have your heart set on certain location. However, if you’re open to any number of possibilities for your ceremony and reception, wait to choose your date until the official schedule is released. While you won’t know the kick off time, you will know if it’s a rivalry game.
  4. Choose a Friday or Sunday: If you or your fiancé is really concerned, consider choosing a Friday or Sunday. This way you won’t have an issue at all!
  5. Give in and let it be: My family lives by the saying “it is what it is” and it applies just perfectly to this situation. While this may be your least favorite option, it could also be the best/easiest one. Since you won’t know scheduled opponents when it’s time to start booking vendors and kickoff times are chosen the week or two prior, it may just be best to let it be and have a back up plan. If you’re open to it, create a separate bar area with a TV. Put the game on silent and let guests enjoy your team’s game during the reception. It may not sound like the ideal situation but think about the fact that you won’t have people complaining or leaving early to catch it at a local sports bar.

Did your wedding occur during football season? What did you do to combat people’s tendency to check for score updates every 2 minutes?

How to deal with a football game on your wedding day from @theidolist