I’ve been a floral and event designer in the wedding industry for quite some time. I realize that with that cloud 9 feeling comes the overwhelming components of planning especially in relation to florals and searching for your wedding florist. It’s not easy as pie in knowing where to start or what to look for. I mean, there are a million other things on your mind. I get it.

I want to help simplify this process for you, so I answered a few crucial questions below that will help you when you’re ready to start shaking hands with the floral and decor category. I hope they help- enjoy!

Image courtesy of Blooming Hites Image courtesy of Blooming Hites

When should I start looking for a wedding florist? Ideally you should start looking for your wedding florist 4-6 months out from your wedding date. For instance, If you’re getting married Summer 2017, right now would be the best time to get connected with one, or if you’re wedding is set for Fall 2017, March or April would be ideal. n the other hand, if you’ve already saved a few wedding florists (while waiting for that ring bling) and want to book one of them right after you become engaged, that’s fine as well. Some brides find it necessary to book out a year in advance.

What is the protocol after I reach out to a few florists? Once a bride reaches out to me for the first time, I check to see if their wedding date is available, and then I send them a questionnaire that houses all the questions needed to acquire those nifty details. This way my brides aren’t worried about what to ask me or have to stay up all night preparing via Google.

What types of questions might I find in the questionnaire? Where do you want flowers delivered at the venue? Where is your venue? What best describes your wedding (this helps give me an idea of what mood/style you’re going for)? You can pour celebratory glass of bubbly, because you won’t be able to fill out all of them right away and that’s okay. What matters is getting a head start with simple questions which will help formulate a game plan for your first florist meeting.

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Now that you’re well prepared and equipped to tackle your wedding flower checklist, celebrate with another glass of bubbly. You deserve it. Cheers to your love story!

Jacqueline Hites