Yay! You’re officially engaged! Whether you’ve been secretly planning your wedding for years – possibly before you even met your soon-to-be spouse – or you’re one of the many newly engaged couples who feel horribly overwhelmed at the monumental task before them or fall somewhere in between, all the details and decisions can make you head spin. But no fear! Samantha Elliott of Earnest Bee Calligraphy + Design has partnered with The I Do List for a fabulous series to help you navigate the wonderful world of wedding paper – from why stationery is important to the nitty gritty of budgets all the way through to DIY tips for getting the most bang for your buck. This month is all about why wedding stationery is important and how it can add value to your wedding. So what does wedding stationery do and why is investing in your wedding stationery important?

Invites your guests!

Without knowing when and where to go, your guests are left in the dark about your upcoming nuptials. Don’t let all that planning go to waste – send out invitations that make it easy for guests to be in the know. Invitations have the added bonus of giving your guests a first impression of your wedding – this is an easy way to build excitement.

It’s one of the easiest places to reflect little details about your relationship.

Let’s be honest – weddings can get expensive, and fast. When planning a wedding, you’ll spend time searching for ways to make your wedding different – for it to reflect your love story, your adventures, and the life you’ll build together. One of the easiest ways to make a big impact is with your wedding stationery. Did your spouse-to-be propose on a torn piece of paper? Print your invitations on paper with a torn edge (referred to as a deckle edge). Want to stand out? Choose an oversized invitation or unique shape. You can add a custom crest, monogram, or even commission a piece of art to be the focal point of your suite. Realize the value inherent in creating and sending out something personalized, even if it’s something you DIY. Whether you’re having a casual shindig or a formal fête, those envelopes, inside and out, should clearly reflect your wedding style and you two as a couple.

Learn the value of wedding stationery from Earnest Bee Calligraphy for The I Do List

Stationery by Earnest Bee Calligraphy + Design  –  Photography by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

Why not just use an online e-vite?

I’ve had this question more times than I can remember – especially for save the dates – and it’s entirely possible to send out e-vites. However, your invitation is more likely to get  lost in the pile of promotional offers and newsletters that junk up our inboxes. A paper save the date or invitation is a tangible and visual reminder – commonly affixed to the fridge or bulletin board. Your guests will get excited every time they catch a glimpse of it. If you’re concerned with the carbon footprint, choose recycled paper or seeded paper than can be planted after the wedding is over. A fun alternative to invitation enclosures is a well-crafted wedding website. You can even include an online RSVP – we’ll talk more about online RSVPs later in the series.

A cohesive suite adds value to your wedding.

There’s something to be said about how a wedding feels when the pieces all fit together perfectly to help create one cohesive look or feel. Your wedding paper goods – the save the dates, invitations, menus, programs, place cards, welcome letters and even thank you cards – are a huge, and sadly often overlooked, way to create that cohesive look from start to finish. Your paper goods truly can set your wedding apart.

Learn the value of wedding stationery from Earnest Bee Calligraphy for The I Do List

Stationery by Earnest Bee Calligraphy + Design  –  Photography by Photos by Heart

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It’s no secret that the choices are endless when it comes to your invitations, let alone your wedding. Hopefully this post has helped you see the value in your wedding paper goods.  The next post in this series will discuss how to plan out your wedding stationery timeline, the ins and outs of formulating guest lists, and when save the dates are helpful.

Learn the value of wedding stationery from @eb_calligraphy on @theidolist

If you have any other questions about why wedding stationery is important or why it’s worth valuing, post in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Samantha Elliott