Honeymoon Planning isn’t something that has to be a hard thing to do as long as you know what you want and go into things with an open mind. I know when you are planning a wedding you are already feeling the overwhelm so you don’t want to stress about your honeymoon. The one thing you can remember though is after the wedding you will get to enjoy spending time with your other half and relaxing. Check out my tips below for making it easier for you.


  1. Start with a realistic budget // The first thing you need to know is what you want to spend on your honeymoon. When you are thinking about that price you have to also know that your airfare will possibly be the biggest part. If you have airline miles you could use those to help with your expense.  I always recommend starting a honeymoon fund that you keep seperate from your other accounts so that you can use that and not have to stress about paying for your honeymoon. There are also honeymoon fund accounts you can set up that guets can contribute to.
  2. Consult with a travel agent // If you don’t have time to plan a honeymoon or there are too many options for you to think about then consult and use a travel agent. We are here for this reason to save people time and stress. You want to look for a travel agent that specializes in romance travel. I, for one, am a travel agent that plans all travel but my passion and focus is on honeymoons and destination weddings. When you use one that specializes most of the time they can tell you more about the properties you are thinking about and have connections with the resorts. They may also know about the places that add complimentary honeymoon packages. One more thing to remember is if you start planning early, travel agents can get you better rates and most of the time you don’t have to pay it all upfront.
  3.  Know what you want out of your honeymoon // When planning a honeymoon think about what you and your other half want. Do you want to just relax and be somewhere quiet or do you want somewhere where there are plenty of activities and a big nightlife? Do you want an adults only location or are you ok with a location that kids may be around? Do you want an all inclusive location or do you want more freedom? Do you want a place with tons of excursions or are you into more of the spas and things? Narrowing down all of this makes it easier to make your decisions and  pick a location.
  4. Know your distance // When you are thinking of locations know how far it really is from where you are located. If you only have a few days to take for a honeymoon you don’t want most of your time to be taken up with travel and flights. You want to make sure you have enough time to actually enjoy your honeymoon.  For example you don’t want to decide to go to Fiji but you only have  a few days and most of your time will be spent getting there.
  5. Purchase Insurance // I know people always think you don’t need insurance as you won’t cancel your trip but things happen. You also need to know that travel insurance can cover more like cancelled or delayed flights or missing luggage. It will also cover if someone gets sick or something cuts your trip short. Travel insurance will help with all these issues. You want to make sure you have peace of mind and you have nothing to worry about while on your trip.

Plan your honeymoon in 5 easy steps with help from honeymoon and destination wedding planner Shieka Doctor of Doctor's Travel for @The I Do List

When you combine all these things and sit down to focus on what you really want and what you want to spend you can make a magical honeymoon that you will remember for your years to come. If you don’t want to do the work then reach out to a professional romance travel agent to let them do it all for you.

Shieka Doctor


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