Wedding venues can be one of the more expensive items when it comes to your wedding. And, when you’re on a strict budget finding the perfect option that still allows enough left over to cover the rest of your expenses can sometimes be tricky. But, over the years, we learn a thing or two about saving on your venue. One of the easiest ways to save is to think outside the box and look to some non-traditional spaces to say “I Do”. We’re listing our favorites for you below…
  • Local Parks & Pavilions // Local parks are often filled with large fields perfect for celebrating your big day. In addition, they are usually filled with lush greens and bright flowering bushes creating the perfect natural backdrop saving you on flowers as well. A lot of parks also have covered areas you can reserve and utilize in case of rain. If a park sounds like a good option to you, check with your local municipality regarding reservations and city ordinances.
  • A Family Home // The backyard of a close friend or family member is a perfect spot to celebrate your big day. Depending on its size, you can host a nice size crowd. Just check with the city about noise ordinances and maybe offer to rent the next door neighbors a hotel room for the night and you’ll be set to go.
  • Local Restaurant // For smaller crowds, a private dining room at your local favorite restaurant is a great option. Some restaurants will even waive the room rental fee if you agree to meet a food and beverage minimum. You’ll get to dine on your favorite dishes and celebrate the fact you are now married. The only downside, is often restaurants won’t allow you to bring in outside music so consider moving to a second location to party the night away.
  • A Rental Home // If you live in or want to get married in an area with a lot of tourists, vacation rental homes are always an option. Most will allow you short term (3 day) rentals and don’t mind if you host a party. Just check with the homeowner first. Bonus, you’ll have a place to stay before the wedding and you’ll be able to set up the day before. Additionally, you can host the rehearsal dinner there as well.
  • Boats or Dinner Cruises // If you live near the water, you can usually rent a large boat by the hour or day. Get married on the bow and invite guests to the top deck for cocktails and dinner. Another option is a local dinner cruise that will give you the same feel.
  • Local Attractions (Zoo, Library, Museum, ETC) // Places like this are a great, non traditional option to host your wedding. Best part is that most of are all indoors covering you in case of rain. However, spaces like this are gaining popularity for special events so rates may be high in your area. Additionally, you may face restrictions when it comes to hours of access.
While all of these make beautiful wedding locations, there are a few things to keep in mind with non-traditional venues. Most will not have items like tables, chairs, and linens available for your use, meaning you will have to rent them. While this will add an additional expense, it is usually less than a traditional venue costs. Additionally, most are outdoors meaning you are limited by season and may have to rent a tent in case of rain.
Save money on your wedding venue by considering one of these 6 non traditional options from @theidolist