When meeting with clients, the biggest request I get during our first consultation is “We want it to be a party”. And who doesn’t? You’re throwing the biggest and best celebration of your life and you want everyone you love to enjoy it just as much as you do. So, how do you make it happen?
While every element in your big day is important, nothing creates that “party all night” atmosphere quite like the entertainment you hire. When it comes to your wedding, your choices for entertainment might seem simple, DJ or live band. The choice is easy for some, but for others, trying to decide which is the perfect fit is a little harder. We’re going to break down the pros and cons of each for you below to (hopefully!) make the decision a breeze…
Pro – Variety: While a DJ has a specific style in which he or she interacts with your guests and a genre of music he or she is more accustom to playing, a DJ does have the ability to play a variety. This makes a DJ a great option if you and your fiancé have a wide variety of musical styles you enjoy or if your tastes slightly vary from each other. Additionally, because of the variety, a DJ can easily accept guest requests.
Con – Ambiance: To me, nothing quite beats the atmosphere a live band can create. While many DJ’s can really bring the party and are just as fun and interactive as a live band, others are not. Ask for reviews or see if you can attend a function to see how he or she gets the crowd going.
Pro – Cost: If cost is a concern, then you’ll want to go DJ all the way. Traditionally DJ’s are less expensive for the evening and it’s only one additional vendor meal you’ll have to add on.
A Live Band:
Pro – Ambiance: As I mentioned above, it’s hard to beat the party atmosphere a live band can create. With a band you not only get the songs you love, but they’re done in a new style that will keep your guests on the floor all night.
Con – Variety: Most band specialize in a certain genre meaning if you have a wide variety of musical interests, you’d have to choose just one for your wedding. Additionally, a band may not know all of the songs you want played so you might have to make some cuts or pay an additional fee to have the band learn it.
Pro – Limited Guest Requests: Let’s be honest for a second. Sometimes guests request songs you’ve never even heard of at your wedding. With a live band, guest requests are kept to a minimum given the more limited variety of a band.
Con – Cost: Having a live band will definitely cost you a bit more than a DJ. It’s justified though. Bands typically have more than one member that has to get paid, plus they bring significantly more equipment than a DJ which means longer set-up and break-down times. If you’re on a strict budget, a band may not be for you.
We want to hear from you. Are you planning on having a DJ or a Live Band at your wedding? Comment below and let us know!

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