When planning your wedding, you put a lot of thought into every detail from the stationery to the food to the flowers. But, once you say “I Do” and celebrate the night away, most of it becomes a distant memory. You have pictures to look back on, but it’s nice to save as many details as you can. If you’re like me, you’re bouquet will turn out to be one of your favorite details from your wedding. But, flowers aren’t quite as easy to preserve as your invitation suite or dress. Because the life of a flower is short after it’s been cut, traditional options to preserve your bridal bouquet have been limited and quite expensive. Until now….
When I heard what Kristin at The Simple Perks was doing, I knew I had to share it with you. Kristin is an amazing artist based in Gainesville, Florida, that paints seriously some of the cutest stuff. And now she’s offering custom bouquet paintings to help you preserve your bridal bouquet for years to come. Best of all, it allows you to display the memory where ever you see fit. From your wall to a book shelf to an easel, the options are endless. To preserve your bridal bouquet, all you have to do is send Kristin a picture and she’ll replicate it on canvas giving you a memory of your special day to cherish for years to come. And, you can choose between three canvas sizes meaning there’s an option for every budget and desired display. Better yet, you won’t have dead flowers in your house for years attracting dust and who knows what else (guilty over here!).

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Kristin’s work would also make a great wedding gift for your best girlfriends! To check out all of Kristin’s amazing work and purchase your custom bridal bouquet painting, you can visit her at:
Instagram: @simpleperks