Each year we see a slew of new wedding trends. And, while all are gorgeous, most are not achievable on a budget. From hanging floral installations to gifting suites for guests, the 2017 wedding trends are impactful but costly. Today, we’re going to break down our top 5 favorite trends of the year that are perfect no matter your budget. And, we’re going to share the best ways to incorporate them into your big day. Here we go…


Yep, color is back! For years, soft and romantic neutrals have ruled the wedding world. But, now, we’re starting to see an influx of colorful bright weddings. Adding color to your big day is easy no matter your budget. Choose a bright hue or two you love and pop it into your flowers, table runners, and initiation suite to make a big impact. Accent with your favorite neutral or metallic and you’ll be set.


Greenery was actually named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017. Incorporating greenery into your wedding is easy. Plus, it gives your day a natural, easy feel. It’s perfect for accenting any flower. But, it can also stand on it’s own as garland down the center of your table.

Texture + Pattern

For years we’ve been big advocates of adding texture and patter to your wedding. And, we’re glad to see the rest of the world is finally catching on. Utilizing a variety of textures and pattern in your decor is a simple way to add big impact on a tight budget. Consider adding a cheesecloth table runner to your basic tablecloth for texture. Bring in pattern through invitations, menu cards, and napkins for visual interest.


We’ve seen games, mainly corn hole, at weddings a lot over the past years. But, this year there will be more! From Giant Jenga to Croquet and even life-size chess sets, expect to see multiple games at a wedding. What makes games one of our favorite 2017 wedding trends is that all guests can get involved. Believe it or not, not everyone loves to dance. Games gives your non-dancing friends, and even kids, a chance to still have fun till the night is over.

Non-traditional Venues

We shared our favorite non-traditional venue options a few weeks ago right here on the blog. These spaces offer a unique experience for your guests. Plus, they can be a huge money saver if you’re on a budget. Look for spaces that speak to your overall theme or have meaning to you and your fiancé. Some of our favorite options include industrial warehouses, vineyards, local breweries, or even your own backyard.

Want to see more of our favorite 2017 wedding trends? Head to our Pinterest page for all the inspiration you need!