At IDL, we love a good proposal story. But, just as much, we love a great bridesmaid ask. In years past, bridesmaid asks have been fairly simple with a phone call or a cute bottle of wine. But, in the last year or two, we’ve seen couples put just as much effort into asking their best guys and gals to be a part of the special day as they have every other detail. And to be quite frank, we’re loving it! From mimosa filled brunches to custom cookies spelling out the big question, we love every single idea. But, our absolute favorite is still the gift box filled with all the little goodies your girls will need to help you plan your big day.
Until now you’ve had to gather, box, and ship the items yourself. And while that can be fun, it can also be incredibly time consuming. And, let’s face it, your busy. Between work, your bustling social life, and planning your dream day, who has time to scour the internet for the best items, wait for them to arrive, box them up, and manage to get to the post office to ship before it closes? That’s where Ask Your Bridesmaids comes in.
Ask Your Bridesmaids creates artfully curated bridesmaid boxes perfect for popping the big question to your favorite girls. Boxes come in a variety of themes allowing you to send the perfect ask to each girl or Linda and her team can create a custom box designed to meet your specific wishes. Want to know the best part? Ask Your Bridesmaids will even ship the boxes straight to your maids door step complete with a message from you printed on a hand drawn postcard. How amazing is that?
To pop the question to your best girls in style, visit Ask Your Bridesmaids online here. And, once your girls receive their gifts, share your pictures with us using #askyourbridesmaids