I’m not going to lie to you here. Weddings are expensive. You probably already know that though, especially if you’re knee deep in planning now. And, when you’re right in the middle of planning what’s supposed to be your dream day, it can seem like the invoices are never ending and everything costs an arm and a leg. But don’t fret, I’m going to share some easy budget saving tips with you today. In fact, they’re so easy, you’ll feel like you’re saving money in your sleep! Here we go…

Make It Multi Purpose // Giving items two purposes allows you to have every element you want while saving money. For example, have custom drinking glasses made that guests can use throughout the night. Or, for a seated meal, put guests’ names at the top of their menu card. Your menu card then also serves as a place card. Another idea is to use your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces on some tables. Just place an empty vase with water in the center of the table and ask your girls to place their bouquets in the vases after introductions.

Opt for Non-floral Centerpieces on Some Tables // An array of white candles in glass hurricanes are a classic and beautiful option perfect for almost any style wedding. Plus, they cost relatively little. Opting to do something like this on half your tables will cut your flower bill significantly.

Order Less Cake // This may see odd but not all guests eat cake and the bakery potions are often much larger than the size your catering company will cut and serve. Ordering about 20-30 servings less than the number of guests attending can save you hundreds. Another cake saving tip is to have your baker create a display only cake with one real layer to cut. Have sheet cakes in the back to serve guests from when it’s time. Surprisingly, this is much more affordable!

Skip the Full Bar // It may be tempting to offer guests whatever they want at the bar. But, preparing for any drink combination can add on big bucks. Choose to serve beer and wine only to save a bit. Although, I’m traditionally completely opposed to a cash bar at a wedding, if you’re on a tight budget this is a good option. Be sure to make sure guests know though. If you do opt for a cash bar, consider offering a signature cocktail at no charge.

Shop Online for Your Gown // Yep. I said it. There are a number of sites where you can purchase wedding gowns online. They get shipped to your house and can be returned free of charge. While you will have to pay for them all up front, in the long run you could save thousands on a dress. Just imagine fixing some hors d’oeuvres, popping a bottle of champagne and hanging with your favorite ladies and gents while you try them all on. Sounds so fun!

Make Adjustments to Standard Packages // Often, wedding vendors will offer a standard selection of packages at a flat rate. While these packages may be perfect for some, they aren’t ideal for all. Talk to your vendor to see if they will substitute the items you don’t need for items you do. As long as the costs are comparable and something the vendor offers already, most are willing to make the substitution. This could save you from paying additional fees which can really add up.

Skip the Unnecessary Items // I know there are tons of sweet pictures online but some items are just not necessary, for example favors and welcome baskets. Wait to purchase items like this till the very end to see how much you can spend. While you may think they’re a must, most guests leave these items behind meaning you just wasted a whole bunch of money.

Buy Secondhand Decor // Every day couples go out and spend thousands buying all the decor for their wedding, use it once, then get rid of it. This is beneficial to you! Sites like Craigslist, 100 Layer Cake, and Ruffled Blog allow couples to buy and sell wedding decor across the country. Check there before buying at full price to see what kind of deal you can score.

Choose a Printable // On sites like Etsy, designers will sell “printable” designs for save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and any other possible wedding paper good you could need. You pay a flat fee for the design which is emailed to you for printing on your own. While printing at home might be tempting, the cost of ink and time spent cutting to size can drive the price up. Take your printable file to your local office supply store and let them print and cut for way less.

What are some creative ways you have saved on your wedding expenses? Comment below and let us know!


9 easy ways to save money on your wedding right now from @theidolist