As we all know, weddings are expensive. But what if the money you were already spending could make an impact in the lives of others? That’s where OneHope comes in. With each purchase made, whether it be wine, coffee, or gifts, OneHope give a percentage to one of the amazing charities it’s partnered with. Since the folks at OneHope know how stressful wedding planning can be, they’re making it even easier for you to give back through their wedding catering service. Just head to their site by clicking here, fill out the form, and a wedding concierge will be in touch to help you secure the wine needed for your big day! Want to learn more about OneHope? Keep reading below for a little Q&A with their awesome team.


IDL: For those who haven’t heard of OneHope before, tell us a little about the company.

OneHope: OneHope is a California-based wine company that produces award-winning wine, gourmet coffee, and gifts. Each product gives back a quantifiable amount to a non-profit so you can celebrate while you serve the world.

IDL: One of the things we love so much about OneHope is that every purchase benefits a good cause. Can you tell us some of the causes OneHope supports?

OneHope: We partner with various non-profits including: Why Hunger, ASPCA, The Hope Heart Institute, and Trees 4 Trees. Each product provides a quantifiable amount to the specified cause partner. For example, one case of our California Sparkling Brut provides 25 meals to a child in need through Why Hunger.

IDL: For the non-wine drinkers (we’re surprised they exist too!), what are some of the other products people can purchase from you to give back?

OneHope: We have a variety of nonalcoholic gifts that give back as well. We have a gourmet coffee blend that support micro loans in the developing world and gift crates that do not contain wine such as our Cheese Party Gift Crate.

IDL: Now, let’s talk weddings! The idea of wine catering for you wedding or special event is so awesome. How did you come up with the idea?

OneHope: As you get ready to plan the best day of your life, we wanted something to make it even more meaningful. With OneHope, you can integrate giving back to worthy causes with something you’re already purchasing for your big day. How exciting is that? In fact, the average OneHope toast provides 75 meals to hungry children in the U.S.

IDL: How does the process work?

OneHope: When you purchase OneHope wine for your wedding, OneHope donates a portion of profits from each varietal to a partner non-profit to make a quantifiable impact. Even better? An additional percentage of the total purchase can be given back to make an impact on the cause of your choice. Whether OneHope is being served at your wedding or being given away as favors to your guests, there is truly no better way to celebrate than by supporting a greater cause.

IDL: If a venue requires a couple to purchase their wine through the venue, can they still utilize the services of OneHope?

OneHope: No worries! Chances are, you can sill have your favorite wine on your big day! Put us in touch with your venue and let us work out the details so they can order OneHope though their distributor so you can still make a social impact.