One of my all time favorite wedding traditions is something old, new, borrowed and blue. Because each element can be very personal, it just doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves in my book. While each tradition has it’s place, sometimes the others leave me feeling like I’ve seen the same movie for the 100th time. Old, new, borrowed, and blue allows each person to bring in their own sense of style, personality, and history into their wedding day. However, it still seems to be a place where a lot of brides get hung up not knowing how to incorporate each element into their big day.

While most take the approach of choosing items to wear on their person, your old, new, borrowed and blue items don’t have to be worn at all. I’m sharing some of my favorite modern takes on the tradition right now.

A modern take on something old, new, borrowed, and blue with @theidolist

Photo by Kurt Boomer

Something Old

For your something old, I love reaching out to family members and incorporating something with meaning and history. The cake topper your grandparent’s used, your parent’s toasting flutes, or your great grandmother’s veil are just a few examples of old touches I love.

A modern take on something old, new, borrowed, and blue with @theidolist

Photo by Caroline Joy Photography

Something New

While many consider their something new to be their dress, I love thinking outside the box for this one. Purchase a new piece of jewelry that you can pass down to your future children on their wedding day. Another favorite idea is to have your new monogram engraved on a cake stand that you’ll use for years to come.

A modern take on something old, new, borrowed, and blue with @theidolist

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed is my favorite element. For this, I always suggest asking someone who is important to you to provide you with an item to borrow. Let them choose something with heart and meaning. Wearing this borrowed item will remind you how loved you are.

Something Blue

Your options for something blue are endless. Again, like the others, you don’t have to wear the item. Although, a classic pair of blue pumps, blue jewels, or your wedding date stitched in blue on the lining of your dress are always wonderful options. If you want to choose something a bit different, feature blue as one of your wedding colors, tie your bouquet with blue ribbon, or even hand out blue favors to your guests. Let your creativity shine with this one.

Tell me, what are you doing for something old, new, borrowed, and blue at your wedding?

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