With all the blog posts, vendors, and websites out there flooding the web with information, how do you know what to budget for each of your vendors? Wedding stationery budget guidelines are all over the place depending on what website, blog or checklist you’re reading. While I can’t help you with your entire budget (wedding planners are GREAT help for this), as a stationer, I can help you with your stationery budget. I recommend to my clients setting aside 6-10% of your entire wedding budget for your stationery. This percentage includes your invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, RSVP cards, details cards, welcome letters, signage, programs, menus, escort cards and the like, which often are forgotten when putting together the original budget. They might be things you really wanted that become eliminated or lost in the mix because of this. I’m hoping to help prevent this from happening to you.

When you leave room for all of this, you have less surprises toward crunch time plus you can always cut it out later you need to, or find more economical ways to pick an choose your day of pieces. However, if you don’t budget, you might end up against your budget ceiling without leaving room for postage or thank you cards, and you’ll be in a bind. So include ample room in your budget early on, you’ll thank yourself later!

If you choose to work with a stationer for your invitations, clearly share your budget. We are creative people and are generally more than happy to work with you to brainstorm ways that you can still get something close to what you’re hoping for but within your budget. It might be slightly different than your dreams, but maintaining the essence is almost always possible. We also might recommend you to another stationer or company in an effort to help you stick to your initial budget.

You might consider DIYing your invitations to save money. I have gotten comments that people do just throw away invitations and you know what, they might. You can’t control what your invitees do with your paper goods, but you don’t purchase invitations for them. You’re purchasing the invitations and designing something that relates to your spectacular day. Yes, it does invite your guests, but more so, you and your love are presenting a day – possibly a week if it’s a destination wedding – that’s branded with your love story. Something that you’ve spend months, or possibly years, putting together. If you’ve worked hard to create an overall felling for the weekend, your paper goods will only further solidify the design of the event. I you’re concerned about your invitations ending up in a landfill, opt for some post-consumer or seed paper. Then your guests could either recycle your invitations or watch your love grown after the invitations is planted. To learn more about what aspects you can DIY, stay tuned, they’ll be covered in a later post in this series.

While working with a stationer may push your budget, there are many stress-saving perks! Not only do they help you narrow down your dreams from all the potential out there, but they handle the coordination of the pieces, they can even assemble your invitations and mail them for you. This way you can focus on enjoying the fun things like cake tasting and finding the perfect shoes to coordinate with your dress.

So go enjoy the fun parts of wedding planning and leave the paper to us stationers. We really love being able to take charge of everything for you!

Samantha Elliott

Set your wedding stationery budget with help from @ebcalligraphy for @theidolist