The moment has finally come, you’re engaged. Whether you could see it coming a mile away or were completely caught off guard, after you say “Yes!” you can’t wait to share the happy news with everyone you know. And, even maybe some people you don’t know. But, in the age of social media you don’t always control the announcement in the way you imagined.

Often, couples will find that a friend or family member has shared the happy news with everyone including the garbage man before they’ve even had the opportunity to share with those most important to them. It’s never a good feeling when your mom calls because she heard through Facebook that you’re engaged now. So, before you announce it to the world, be careful and avoid these 5 common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Telling Your Friends Before You Tell Your Parents // You might be tempted to text your besties and share the exciting news or go grab a few celebratory drinks with friends. Heck, your future spouse might even propose in public with eyes and cell phone cameras watching. Before you pop the champagne, call up mom and dad and tell them the good news so they don’t have to read about it online.

Mistake #2: Posting the News on Facebook or Instagram the Same Day as Your Engagement // While you’re going to be tempted to share the news with everyone and think that social media is the fastest and easiest way to make that happen, just wait a day. Call your family members and closest friends and wait until you hear from each of them before posting. Even if you think you’ve told all the respected parties, wait the full 24 hours because you never know who you forgot in your moment of joy.

Mistake #3: NOT Telling Friends and Family to Wait on Posting // I have a rule when it comes to social media and weddings. Don’t post anything until the couple does first. However, not all people abide by that rule. If you don’t want friends and family plastering the news on every site they’re a member of, ask them to wait to post anything until you give them the green light.

Mistake #4: Waiting Too Long to Tell Everyone // If you wait a week to post on social media that’s fine. If you wait a week to tell your grandmother or best friend, that’s not fine. You might want to bask in the excitement privately for a bit, but they might take it the wrong way.

Mistake #5: Oversharing Every Detail on Social Media // We know you are excited and can’t wait to share. But, leave the details to in person or phone calls with your friends. You never know who’s reading or following your social media accounts and you don’t know how your happy news could be affecting them. Once you’ve notified the respective parties, share the happy news on each of your accounts with a tasteful pictures and caption and leave it at that.

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