Planning your dream wedding is a once in a lifetime experience full of fun from picking out your flowers to cake tasting to finding the perfect dress. But with all of the inspiring weddings out there how do you choose just one style to design your big day around?

We’re going to help with that! The IDL team has designed a short 7 question quiz that is guaranteed to lead you to your dream day design style. Take the quiz below and let us know in the comments what style you got!


  • You have a long weekend coming up. What do your plans entail?
    • Heading to the mountains for some R&R (1 point)
    • Hitting a few local breweries with friends (2 points)
    • Date night with my fiancé at our favorite restaurant (3 points)
    • Catching up around the house and drinks with friends (4 points)
    • Finding the nearest beach and relaxing (5 points)
  • Your favorite cocktail is
    • Bourbon + Coke (1 point)
    • Moscow Mule (2 points)
    • Champagne (3 points)
    • A glass of chardonnay (4 points)
    • Margarita (5 points)
  • Which city is your favorite to visit (or would you most like to visit)
    • Jackson Hole (1 point)
    • San Francisco (2 points)
    • Paris (3 points)
    • New York City (4 points)
    • The Bahamas (5 points)
  • What is your idea getaway car?
    • A vintage pick-up (1 point)
    • A trolley (2 points)
    • Horse drawn carriage (3 points)
    • Classic Rolls Royce (4 points)
    • Beach cruisers (5 points)
  • What is your favorite season?
    • Fall (1 point)
    • Winter (2 points)
    • Spring (3 points)
    • I love all seasons (4 points)
    • Summer (5 points)
  • If you’re headed out to dinner, where are you going?
    • Some place with good southern classics (1 point)
    • The new gastropub (2 points)
    • Somewhere we can dine by candlelight (3 points)
    • The cute corner wine bar (4 points)
    • A seafood & oyster house (5 points)
  • What would your dream house look like?
    • A farmhouse (1 point)
    • A mid century modern abode (2 points)
    • A charming English cottage (3 points)
    • A Colonial style home (4 points)
    • A beach cottage (5 points)


7-10 Points – Rustic: Your dream wedding style is rustic. Imagine reclaimed wood tables topped with luscious blooms cut right from the farm that morning. In addition to dancing, entertain guests with a bonfire and s’mores bar. Serve up down home classics like mac n’ cheese in a family style meal. Rustic weddings let mother nature take center stage so look to her for inspiration in every element.

11-18 Points – Modern Industrial: Your dream wedding style is modern industrial. Head downtown to a clean loft space that you can make all your own. Ask the bartenders from your favorite place to come mix craft cocktails for friends and family as you all toast the night away. Instead of a traditional sit-down meal, serve all of your favorites through stations that stay open all night. Keep your decor clean making sure every item has a purpose. The modern industrial style is done best when masculine and feminine elements are balanced well.

19-24 Points – Romantic: Your dream wedding style is romantic. A beautiful flowing gown, flowers everywhere, and candles lighting the room would be a dream come true. Keep colors soft and neutral and décor elements delicate. Seat guests at long farm tables and enjoy conversation over a gourmet meal before toasting with a glass of champagne and dancing the night away.

25-31 Points – Classic: Your dream wedding style is classic. Bust out the ball gown and tux and head to the chapel. Choose a classic color scheme like black and white, navy and gold, or whites and creams. Adorn tables with simple yet impactful centerpieces and ample candlelight. Dine on plated meal of beef tenderloin or roast chicken. Choose a live band and dance till the wee hours with friends and family.

32-35 Points – Coastal: Your dream wedding style is coastal. Instead of a single color, opt for all shades of blue. Keep it casual so guests can feel like they’re really on vacation celebrating you. In addition to the shades of blue, bring in nods to the coast with driftwood elements, loads of greenery, and creamy whites to mimic the sand. For the ultimate coastal wedding, have someone shucking oysters or steaming them on site in addition to your wedding meal. At the end of the night, ride off into the sunset on decorated beach cruisers.

Design your dream wedding in 3 minutes by answering these 7 questions from @theidolist