A few weeks ago we sent out a survey to The I Do Crew (that’s our newsletter for all you newlygaged readers) and asked what you most wanted to see here on the blog. The response was overwhelmingly more inspiration. Well, ask and you shall receive. Today I’m excited to launch a new series called That’s Inspired.

In this series, I’ll take an image of something I find online, in a magazine, or even around the office and use it to inspire the decor for a wedding. The purpose of this series is to show you that inspiration is everywhere and to encourage you to look beyond the images you see in magazines and on blogs. Designing a wedding that is truly “you” will come from items in your everyday life that bring you joy. Let’s kick it off, shall we?

This week my inspiration came from an image in a recent Williams-Sonoma catalog. It has this air about it that caught my eye immediately. The color, brightness, and overwhelming feeling of summer can’t be beat. Truthfully, my first thought was what a beautiful wedding location it would be. But, then I had this thought. What if we could translate the location into decor that gave you the feeling of being on a tropical island wherever you are located? So that’s what we did!

The inspiration from the Williams-Sonoma catalog

The inspiration from the Williams-Sonoma catalog

As you can tell from the inspiration image, there is a classic tropical essence that can’t be denied. It’s bright, white, and truthfully perfect. Here’s how we translated it.

Classic tropical wedding inspiration from @theidolist

To start, we used a dark stained farm table because I wanted to add a bit more warmth to the setting. When you’re working on a large scale set-up like a wedding, it can often feel very stark. Therefore, you want to try and bring in as much warmth as you can to make the room feel a bit more intimate. Since the inspiration image is very light and bright, I knew doing a direct translation on a large scale would feel almost lifeless.

Classic tropical wedding inspiration from @theidolist

From there we brought in some texture and a classic tropical touch with the woven round placemat. Instead of a traditional floral centerpiece, we went with pieces of driftwood and potted baby palms. We added the color of the ocean through the napkins. Since the image has a very classic tropical feel, we didn’t want to do anything too bold. Instead, I took a simple white cotton napkin and edged it with light blue fabric paint. To top it off, we used pineapple napkin rings and serve up a glass of sparking water with a lime garnish.

*Note: A lime was used in place of a lemon for a couple of reasons. One, limes just feel more tropical than lemons even though they’re both citrus fruits. And two, the green of the lime plays nicely with the green in the baby palms.

Classic tropical wedding inspiration from @theidolist

To translate this into the rest of your wedding decor, remember to use clean, simple, classic lines. Add tropical flair through small details like woven banana leaf, pineapple adornments, and palm fronds. Keep your color scheme fairly neutral with warm browns, crisp white, natural greens, and pops of bright blue.

Products Used:

Natural Jute Woven Charger from Target

Pineapple Napkin Rings from Target

Blue Trimmed Napkins made by The I Do List

Potted Palms from Target