There is age old debate with wedding decor. Should you rent your decor or should you buy it? There are certainly pros and cons to each which we’ll get into in a future post. But, today I wanted to specifically highlight one pro of buying your decor. When you buy you’re decor, you aren’t limited to the availability of the rental company. You can pick and choose the items that speak to you and will emphasize the overall look¬†of your wedding. Better yet, you aren’t restricted¬†to only items designated for a wedding. So today I wanted to do a little round up for you of my favorite wedding decor items available right now that aren’t meant for a wedding at all. As a bonus, I’ll even tell you exactly how I would use them. Here we go!

Copper Wire Baskets


These copper wire baskets from Anthropologie (shop them here) come in a variety of sizes and would be perfect for so many things! My initial thought was to collect cards on your gift table. But, they would also be good for favors (depending on your favors) or bread baskets if you’re doing a plated meal (talk to your caterer about providing your own baskets). The rosy color of the copper is so pretty for spring and summer weddings. They also come in gold too!

Large Round Cheese Board


Also from Anthropologie, the “Sicily Round Cheeseboard” (shop it here) is a stunner. It’s rustic flair would be so pretty at a modern romantic wedding. It brings a sense of warmth and homey-ness with its non-pretentious vibes. Ideally, you would put your gorgeous and delicious tiered cake right in the middle and surround it with flowers. Plus, after your wedding, you can use it for cheeseboards (my favorite!) at home.

Blue Textured Vases


Seriously, how gorgeous are these vases from West Elm? The texture and color are perfect for add a pop to the center of your tables. Even if you didn’t want to use them on every table, they would be so beautiful as the vases on your welcome table, gift table, and bar. Or, better yet, you could just get the baby ones (on the right) and use them on cocktail tables. Honestly, I may have to go buy them for my house right now… You can shop them here.

Floor Mirror


A bit pricy, but this glitzy looking floor mirror from Wayfair (shop it here) would be so perfect for a romantic wedding. While you could just use it as simple decor leaning against the wall in a seating area, it would also be great as a seating chart. Have a calligrapher hand letter guests names and their table numbers on the beauty and stand it right by the entrance so guests don’t miss it.

Decanter Tags


The bar is always an area that seems to be forgotten about in terms of wedding decor. One of my favorite ways to add a little style and pizazz is to transfer liquor to decanters for display and use. These decanter tags from Lulu and Georgia (shop them here) are seriously adorable and would add so much personality to your bar.

There you have it folks. These are my 5 favorite wedding decor items on the internet right now that aren’t actually intended for a wedding. Tell me, did you use any home decor items for your wedding? Leave a comment and let me know!

The best wedding decor on the internet that's not actually intended for a wedding // @theidolist