We live in a digital world. And, with the invention of smart phones (thank you Apple), we are constantly connected. Most of us even primarily communicate via the web now. Heck, we do all of our consultations at The I Do List via Google Hangout or Skype. But, as I’ve stated in the past, the wedding world is still mostly offline. However, there are a few select companies that are trying to change that.

One of those companies is Evite. You’ve probably heard of Evite and maybe even used them for a birthday party, reunion, or other celebration. But, did you know that you can also send invitations for all your wedding related events, including the wedding itself, through Evite? No? I figured.

Wedding stationery has been long been a polarizing topic in the wedding world with half the people pro paper goods and half wishing it were digital. You’re probably wondering what side we fall on here at IDL. Well, unlike most, we’re pretty 50/50. We love when the mailman comes and delivers us pretty paper goods with swoon worth details. But, the ease and convenience of digital invites is quite appealing. So what should you do for your wedding? We’re breaking down the pros and cons of an Evite invitation for your wedding below.


  • They won’t get lost in the mail. You know what, it happens. Sometimes things just get lost in the mail. It’s a risk you take when you send things via USPS. But, with something as important as your wedding invitation, is that a risk you’re willing to take?
  • The Cost. Sending an Evite is going to save you big bucks on stationery, calligraphy, and postage costs. If you’re on a budget an Evite can’t be beat. They even have some free options.
  • Designs for everyone. With premium, free, and DIY designs, there is literally something for everyone.
  • They’re eco friendly. This is one of the more popular reasons people opt for Evites. Because it’s digital you don’t have to worry about finding recycled or seed paper (both of which increase your cost) to be eco friendly.
  • Instant response from guests. When you create an Evite, it gets sent immediately. This means that all guests have to do to receive it is refresh their inbox. Better yet, they can RSVP instantly via Evite as well giving you an immediate understanding of how many guests to actually expect.


  • It could end up in junk. Spam mail is on the rise meaning many people have strong filters set up on their email to keep the riffraff out. Give guests a heads up and let them know to check their spam folder once you’ve sent it out. 
  • Older guests may not have email. It’s hard to believe that someone doesn’t have email. But, your grandparents and other older guests may struggle with the concept of receiving an email to invite them to your wedding. Consider having a back up for these guests.
  • It could get accidentally deleted. Again, it happens. But, because guests can respond instantly, they are likely to RSVP as soon as receiving it so deleting shouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, you can send out reminders to RSVP in case it happens.
  • You won’t have a copy to save. Truthfully, I have a framed copy of our wedding invitation. It’s beautiful and I love it. With an Evite, you don’t have that option.

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons, tell us in the comments below if you would ever use an Evite for your wedding.

Cheers and Happy Planning!

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