Okay, so if you caught my post on Tuesday (you can read it here), you know that this is one of my favorite holiday weeks. Between The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo (plus my dad’s birthday!), there is so much celebrating to do. Additionally, I’ve been dying to do a fiesta themed wedding for years. So I thought I would take today to share a bit of fiesta inspiration on this installment of That’s Inspiring. You can catch the first installment here that tells all about the series if you missed it.


Fiesta wedding inspiration from @theidolist

Today’s inspiration image is completely, quintessentially fiesta to me. It’s bright and colorful and full of so much personality, texture, and fun! I instantly knew it was going to be a blast styling this set-up. Instead of doing a place setting this go round, I wanted to show you some inspiration for setting up your fiesta wedding bar. As I mentioned in a blog post here, bar style is often forgot about. But, it can add so much punch when you include the bar in the decor.

Fiesta wedding inspiration from @theidolist

With this styling, I wanted to bring in not only lots of color but texture as well. I draped the bar with a vintage southwest style blanket (this one was my great-grandmother’s but you can find a similar one here) before adding the rest of the details. They do make table runners in the same style as this blanket that would be perfect for your guest tables. You can find a few options here. This will add some needed texture to the top of an otherwise flat table.

Fiesta wedding inspiration from @theidolist

Next, I added a potted cactus. This one, which you can find here, is artificial. However, mini (real) versions would be perfect in your centerpieces or acting as escort cards with guests name and table number written on a terra cotta pot. Straws are my must have for any bar even if you aren’t serving mixed drinks. Guests love to grab them for water or other non-alcoholic beverages. Striped paper straws like these are my favorite and are a great way to add a pop of your wedding color on the bar.

Fiesta wedding inspiration from @theidolist

Lastly, I added a Mexican style Papel Picado in white to balance out all the color. Papel Picado flags are very common at Mexican weddings and could be used at your wedding draped over the dance floor in addition to blub lights or hung on the front of the bar if you don’t have wall behind it. Top the whole event off with lots of bright blooms, whether they be real or tissue, and you’ll have the perfect fiesta wedding.

Other Fiesta Wedding Decor Details

The key to throwing a good themed wedding is following through on all the details. For a fiesta, that means chips and salsa on each table, a taco or nacho bar for dinner, churros and Mexican wedding cookies in addition to cake and margaritas and sangria at the bar. Additionally, you could have guests shake maracas as you exit and a mariachi band play cocktail hour.

See I told you I’m dying to plan a fiesta wedding!

P.S. Happy (almost!) Cinco de Mayo!