I’ll admit, I talk very little about wedding week here on the I Do List blog. I share a lot of planning advice, inspiration, and my favorite products, but I talk very little about those last 7 days before “I Do”. There’s really no particular reason why other than the majority of information that you’re seeking and that I have to share pertains to the other 51 weeks of your planning process. Today I wanted to give you a little bit of insight into the week before your wedding from a bride’s perspective. I’ll share what it looks like as a planner in a few weeks.

You may think the week before your wedding will be calm. The planning is done, final payments have been submitted, and you’ve just had your final fitting. But, it doesn’t end there. The week before your wedding brings a whole new set of tasks and fires to put out. And, in addition to that, guest’s find that the week before your wedding is an appropriate time to tell you about things like food allergies or that they’re now bringing a guest. (Note to Guests: The time for this information is at the 6 week mark when you receive your invitation.) Let’s run down the typical things you encounter on wedding week with some solutions for how to reduce the stress…

Out of town guests making their arrival

On the surface this isn’t a big deal. Often times though when out of town guests arrive, especially friends you haven’t seen in a while and long lost family members, you get inundated with phone calls and texts to hang out, grab lunch, and spend quality time together before the big day. Again, on the surface not a big deal. But, when you have 25 people that all want some quality time, it can get tricky. The Solution: In order to be able to spend quality time with your guests while still having some alone time to destress, organize group activities that all are invited to. Set dates and times that you are going to go do things and make it open invitation for all to join. Think happy hour at your favorite bar, a group lunch, spa day, and a welcome party a couple days before the wedding. This way you’ll get to see out of town guests at more than the reception but you won’t have to fill every free minute with individual hang outs.

Delivery of welcome baskets, decor items, etc

The days leading up to your wedding are full of tiny tasks like this. Welcome baskets will need to be assembled and delivered to the hotels. Decor items will need to be handed off to your coordinator. The seating chart will need to be finalized and sent to the venue, caterer, and coordinator. Beer, wine, and liquor will need to be delivered to the bartenders (if your venue doesn’t have it’s own liquor license). It can be a lot. The Solution: Assign each of these tasks to a member of your bridal party or a family member. For any tasks that don’t need to be done by you, hand them off. Your maid of honor can assemble and deliver welcome baskets. The best man can make sure the beer, wine and liquor gets to the bartenders. Your mom can deliver decor items your coordinator. Remember that whole thing about asking for help? Do it!

Countless phone calls and emails

You’ve dotted your “I’s” and crossed your “T’s”. You’ve doubled checked that to-do list and made sure every vendor has been paid. Your wedding website has stayed up to date with the latest information about accommodations, attire, registry, and group activities. But, that still doesn’t stop vendors and guests from calling and emailing you with every little question they have. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your vendors want your day to be perfect, just as you imagine. If there is any doubt about any detail, a vendor will call you to ensure it’s just as you wish. As for guests, sadly they just don’t always read what’s in front of them. The Solution: Assign a point person. For your vendors, this should be your coordinator. A good coordinator will reach out to all of your vendors one month prior to the wedding and become the point person from that point forward. However, some wills still try to call you. Make it clear that all correspondence should go through your coordinator. For your guests, it can be a family member or member of your bridal party. Put this information on your wedding website. Some guest might still ignore it and call you but when they do, direct them to the person in charge. Not having to talk to every person that has a quick question will save you time and sanity.

I could keep going giving you a day by day break down of what wedding week will look like but I think you get the picture. From a distance, it may seem like it will be a relaxing and fun week. And, it can be with proper planning. Take the time now, to assign any tasks that will need to be completed over to friends, family, and your coordinator. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re enjoying a glass of rosé at happy hour instead of answering the 15th phone call of the day wondering what to wear to the rehearsal dinner.

If you still haven’t found a coordinator to take the stress off of you, click here to send me an email.