Since I launched The I Do List, I have put the focus on all things wedding all the time, mainly sharing planning advice. But after a recent survey send out to the I Do Crew and doing lots of continuing education, I’ve decided to mix it up a bit every now and then. For starters, I’m going to start sharing more inspiration as opposed to just planning advice. Everybody (including me!) likes to look at all the pretty things now and then! Also, I’m going to start sprinkling in a personal post here and there.

Yesterday, I watched Kaitlyn Bristowe’s (You remember her from The Bachelorette right?) Instagram Story about the increasing rate of depression among young girls and women due to the societal pressures brought on through social media. It was really eye opening. I want to show you here that just because I highlight what looks like perfect weddings and beautiful things, there is a real (very flawed) person sitting behind the computer and posting to Instagram. Life, business, and weddings aren’t always perfect but we seem to keep the imperfections inside when we could just share the ups and downs so each one of us realizes we aren’t alone in the struggle. Anyways, here we go….

Instead of starting my story from the beginning, I’m going to start it from right now. You may or may not know that Rob (that’s my husband) and I just moved back to my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. We bought the cutest little beach cottage and it literally takes all my will power to not sit at my desk and plan renovations all day long. We’ve been here a month and honestly it still feels like we’re “moving”. Half the things don’t have homes yet leaving us both with this “unsettled” feeling right now. It’s really kinda annoying. Although, with the long weekend coming up and seriously no commitments on the books (yay!), we’ll hopefully get it all under control. First thing I’m tackling after happy hour on Friday is the laundry room. A fresh coat of paint, a couple shelves, and a few hooks should have me feeling more organized and sane in no time. It’s seriously a hot mess (like take what you’re imagining x100). I’ll be sure to share some pictures in the next life update.

As for the biz, I seriously couldn’t have imagined how amazing this move would be for my little company. I feel like in the month I’ve been here, I’ve accomplished so much more than I did the previous year and a half we were in Pensacola. It seems so strange to say because truthfully I haven’t done much different. But, I’m a big believer in your community has just as much impact on your success as your own hard work. Being back with family and friends, I think has given that little extra boost of confidence and support to grow. One of the major things that has changed with IDL since we moved is that I’m back to taking full planning and month-of coordinations! Don’t worry, virtual wedding planning is still a huge part of what I do and will continue to be the focus of this company. But, I realized over the last couple of years how much I do still enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of a 15 hour wedding day and being such an intricate part of helping each couple have the best day they could imagine.

I’m sure there has actually been a lot more going on than this. But, truthfully, my head is still spinning from going non-stop for the last month and overviews are all I have in me right now. I’ll have more detailed life and biz updates in the next post I’m sure.

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P.S. Check back tomorrow because I’m featuring one of my favorite invitation resources if you choose not to hire a stationer!