Last week I shared five fresh color palettes for your summer wedding. Check it out here if you want to see them again. And, one of them left me feeling totally inspired. I’m a sucker for a good alfresco dining experience. There’s just something about sitting outside on a beautiful day (or night) and enjoying a nice glass of wine with an incredibly fresh and delicious meal that can’t be beat. Again, I think it goes back to the ease and feeling of togetherness that only comes from keeping things beautifully simple.

I wanted to share a full afresco wedding inspiration board with you today. I develop inspiration boards for every client as a way to focus in on the overall theme, colors, and feel we’re going for. It gets shared with every vendor throughout the planning process so I can be sure that we’re all on the same page and planning the ultimate day for our client. The main reason for using an inspiration board is because different words have different meanings to different people. What I think of when I hear “alfresco summer” may be completely different than what you think of. The inspiration or vision board keeps us all on the same track.

Alfresco Wedding Inspiration from @theidolist

The inspiration for this wedding is light and airy with a coastal flair. Although I’m a big fan of color, I wanted to keep things very neutral and natural allowing each element to stand strong. Sometimes when there is too much color, your eye can get distracting meaning you overlook the simplistic beauty of an alfresco experience.

You don’t have to be beach side to have the ultimate alfresco wedding though. In fact, you can do it just about anywhere. Just stick to a neutral color palette and don’t over think your decor. Dine family style under the stars and twinkling lights before toasting your love and dancing the night away. The one key element to a wedding like this is making everyone feel like family. Spend as much time with your guests as you can and you’ll have an unforgettable day.