A couple of weeks ago I shared the concept of branding your wedding. You can check the post out here if you missed it. Branding your wedding is the easiest way to design a magazine worthy wedding without blowing your budget. The conscious focus on ensuring details are consistent through every aspect of your day is key. In the previous post, I spoke specifically to branding your paper goods, one of the main areas where couples tend to loose focus and let the branding slip. Today, I want to talk about branding your food and beverage. Yep, that’s actually a thing too.

Branding Your Bar

There are three main things guests remember from your wedding, the food, the music, and the bar. Creating the biggest impact in these three areas will ensure you and your guests have the best night ever. So, how do you brand your bar? Let’s use an example theme here – Casual Coastal Elegance – and the colors are shades blue, white, and tan. It doesn’t matter the type of bar you choose to do (limited, full, beer and wine only). To brand your bar, you’ll first want to choose a bar set-up that reflects the theme and overall feel you’re going for. In this case, I would opt for a wood bar in preferably a white oak or gray driftwood tone. However, if only a darker stain is available, go with it but just keep your other wood tones consistent throughout the wedding. Next you’ll add in signage. Keep the font consistent with what’s on your invitations and other paper goods of course. If you’re serving signature cocktails, choose ones that match your theme or give them appropriate names. Next, add in napkins and straws in your wedding colors to finish off your branded bar.

Branding Your Food

Branding your food is, I would say, the simplest aspect of your wedding to brand. Cheers to that! To brand your food you only really have to do two things. One, choose a dining style that compliments the feel of your reception. If you’re having a more formal affair, opt for a sit down dinner. If you’re keeping things on the casual side, go of ra served buffet or action stations. Two, create a menu that reflects your theme and environment. Using our example theme of casual coastal elegance, you wouldn’t do a BBQ menu with baked beans and cole slaw. Although delicious, it just doesn’t fit. You would instead opt for something with a nod to the coast like shrimp. Now, if you really want to go above and beyond on branding your food, you could take it down to the plates, silverware, napkins, and serving pieces. But, we’ll cover all of those items in our next installment. Stay tuned!


Cheers and Happy Planning!