There’s no doubt that grand exits make for the best pictures. They’re so fun and you can show some real creativity. However, the trouble with grand exits is that they take place as your reception is ending. Duh, Sarah! That’s when you exit the reception! The darkness means your limited on what you can use to create that impactful picture. Sparklers are the obvious, and most popular, choice for grand exits but some venues are starting to add them to the list of forbidden items. So how are you supposed to get the picture you always dreamed of if you can’t do a grand exit with sparklers? That’s easy, create your big moment as your walking back up the aisle after saying “I Do”!

Here are seven ideas that will make you wonder why you even considered using sparklers in the first place!

Yarn Pompoms

Yarn pompoms are a fun alternative to confetti. Just a colorful, the larger size means they’re more noticeable in pictures. Additionally, some venues prohibit confetti because it’s hard to clean up. Using pompoms will give you the same affect without have the red flag raised by the venue.

7 Grand Exit Alternatives You'll Love from @theidolist

Mini Beach Balls

Mini beach balls are perfect for a seaside affair. Have guests grab one as they walk into your ceremony and toss them in the air as you recess up the aisle. As a bonus, you can have your names and wedding date printed on the ball so they double as favors. Plus, they’ll give the kids something fun to play with during the reception!

7 Grand Exit Alternatives You'll Love from @theidolist

Photo by Derek Chad

Team Color Pompoms

Show your team spirit by having guests wave pompoms in your favorite team’s colors. It adds a personal flair and makes for a fun picture!

7 Grand Exit Alternatives You'll Love from @theidolist

Photo by Esther Louise Photography

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wants are great because you can customize the colors to fit your day and they show up really well in pictures. Have guests wave them in the air during your recession for a picture you’ll want to hang in every room. Plus they make for easy clean-up!

7 Grand Exit Alternatives You'll Love from @theidolist

Photo by Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Olive Branch Leaves

Talk about fitting your theme! Olive branch leaves would be ideal for a wedding with Mediterranean flair. Another alternative would be lavender or flower petals if your wedding doesn’t have that Tuscan vibe.

7 Grand Exit Alternatives You'll Love from @theidolist

Photo by Lindsay Madden Photography


Oh yeah! How fun would it be to relive your childhood and shake tambourines? Or, am I the only one who played with them as a kid?

7 Grand Exit Alternatives You'll Love from @theidolist

Photo by Jen Rodriguez


Bubbles are a great nostalgic send off. With proper lighting, they can even be done following your reception at night! 

7 Grand Exit Alternatives You'll Love from @theidolist

Photo by Vitalic Photo


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