It’s you’ve been scouring Pinterest or perusing Instagram as part of your wedding planning research, you’ve no doubt come across a beautifully hand-calligraphed envelope. From playfully bouncy styles to flourished formal styles, there really is something for everyone when it comes to modern calligraphy. Now that you’re jonesing to make this part of your wedding but have no idea how to go about it, we’re here to help!

How to Hire a Calligrapher - Earnest Bee Calligraphy for The I Do List

There are a few steps to finding the right calligrapher for you and they’re pretty simple ones, so let’s get started.

Find someone whose work you love.

  1. Pinterest: Go back to some of the photos you’ve pinned on Pinterest. Is there a particular one that you feel strongly drawn to? See where it’s pinned from as many times it’s taken directly from a calligrapher’s instagram or website.
  2. Look local! You can google calligraphy or calligrapher and find someone who’s in your geographic area. Sometimes working with someone local can be a huge godsend, like when you’ve realized you have a few more envelopes or place cards. Being able to easily drop something off at their studio can be a serious stress reducer. That said…
  3. Dive into instagram! Search #calligraphy, #calligrapher, #moderncalligraphy, #CITYNAMEcalligraphy, #CITYNAMEcalligrapher, #lgbtcalligrapher, etc. you can find so many amazing artists just by utilizing instagram’s best search feature, the hashtag. Don’t be afraid to find someone outside of your area, while it can be a huge benefit to have someone close for last minute needs, mail is reliable and doesn’t cost much more than the gas and time you’d use to get to the local calligrapher.

The most important part about finding a calligrapher is working with someone you feel comfortable with, not just someone whose style you like. Each of your vendors need to feel like part of a dream team you’ve put together to help reduce stress on your wedding day, not add to it.

So now that you’ve found your calligrapher, let’s discuss timelines so you know when you start your search and hire someone. Of course, the sooner the better. Many calligraphers are stationers too and have the ability to help coordinate the calligraphy of your entire wedding suite. If custom stationery isn’t in your budget, reaching out to the calligrapher as soon as you’re certain you want to book one is the best bet. Aim for two months before you want to send your invitations. Most calligraphers book weeks, sometimes even months out, so waiting until the day you receive your invitations might leave you high and dry or paying rush fees.

Speaking of fees, let’s talk dollars and cents. Calligraphy is an art form. These calligraphers have been years honing their skills – taking classes, studying from the masters, reading books, adjusting all the little elements before diving into the business side. This means you’re paying an artist; this isn’t merely someone handwriting your envelope addresses. It takes a few minutes per envelope, and when there’s flourishing involved it’s even longer! So realize just as your photographer has studied their craft, calligraphers have too.

Price vary from region to region and etsy is not representative of general costs for calligraphy. You might find someone on etsy, but it’s always good to reach out and connect before securing a calligrapher to see if they’ll work with your style and price. Just as with most other things, you do get what you pay for. Many times the more experienced a calligrapher is, the higher the price. Sometimes this comes with sweet goodies or higher service. So keep that in mind when you’re choosing someone; they’re one of your best helpers in the process of inviting your guests – not only because the invitation makes the first impression but they help by giving you tips to properly format addresses and how to deal with some tricky family situations. Just another perk of hiring a calligrapher to help check off another task from your wedding I Do List!

Samantha Elliott