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My fiancé and I will be paying for our wedding ourselves. However, my fiancé’s parents have a very long invite list and a lot of requests. How do we ask them to contribute to the wedding financially?


It depends on the relationship you have with your future in-laws. If money is not a taboo topic and you and your fiancé are very comfortable talking about money around them, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask if they are able to contribute anything financially. However, if you aren’t comfortable asking if they are willing to help, I would start by explaining the situation. Tell them since the two of you will be covering the expenses on your own, you’re only able to budget X number of dollars. With the amount of money you have saved, you are only able to invite so many guests and don’t have the flexibility to accommodate everyone’s requests for the big day. Give them a finite number of people they are allowed to invite. At this point, you can wait for them to offer to contribute to cover the additional guests. Or, you can tell them that if having those additional guests and details are important to them, they are welcome to pay for them on their own.

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