Last week I shared my promise to you in my first blog post in awhile. I also hinted at the struggles we all face when planning a wedding, even a wedding planner like me. I wanted to share a little bit of my story with you today and why helping as many couples as I can is so important to me.

Here’s my real basic background. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be an event planner (even if I never admitted it). I found myself at the first real party I ever went to in 6th grade for a classmates birthday. By 2000 standards, it was seriously over the top for a 12 year old. It was at a gymnasium. There was a DJ, tons of soda, cookies, a big cake, candy, and even a pizza bar. I mean, honestly, it was pretty legit. But, the entire time I was there, all I could think about was optimum layout, that the food was totally in the wrong location, and the flow of the evening was just off. Hi, yes, I am an event nerd.

Fast forward through high school to college. After a brief stint thinking I wanted to work in fashion, I realized my passion was truly in events. I decided at that point to make a career in special events. I didn’t change my major because frankly there was a little incentive to graduate on time at the other end. But it all worked out. After graduation, I got a job as office and catering manager for a local catering company. A couple stressful years in, I finally confessed to my boss that what I really wanted to do was be a wedding planner. She allowed me to start marketing wedding planning services through the catering company and the rest is history.

Well, there’s really a lot more but that’s the basics of it…

I first got the idea for virtual planning (although I didn’t know it would be called virtual planning at the time) at a bridal show I was doing for the catering company. A bride asked if I essentially could provide consulting services. She knew she could execute, she just needed someone to tell her what to do. After the show, I told my husband about it. We started talking about the idea and thought, if she needs something like this, there are probably other people that do as well.

Honestly, after that, it sorta got put on the back burner for a while. We were planning a wedding ourselves, moving, and Rob was graduating from grad school. When we finally moved, I decided it was time to pursue my lifelong dream of being my own boss. That’s when the I started working towards making The I Do List a real life thing.

In the middle of all of this though, we were planning our own wedding. I didn’t ask for any help because I thought I had it totally under control. After all, I am a wedding planner here. But, I soon came to realize that planning your own wedding is nothing like planning someone else’s. You see wedding planner Sarah has lists and lists for her lists and manages every aspect of a client’s wedding like a boss. Bride Sarah made the same list six times a day, was wrapped up in work, moving, trying to start her own business, adopting two dog and you know, everything else, that she was dropping the ball. Seriously. Everything I always warned my clients about, I totally didn’t do. I even forgot to buy shoes for my dress. We had to find a pair on Amazon Prime and have them rushed to us 2 days before the wedding. Not even kidding.

The point of all of this is to tell you as a wedding professional and former bride, I get it. I have stood exactly where you are right now, paralyzed by decision, forgetting things, wanting to eat all the artificially flavored cheese snacks I can get my hands on and wondering if it would just be easier to elope and tell our friends and family about it later.

After a brief hiatus – we moved again and I was wondering if this was even worth pursuing because let’s face it, the boss babe thing is hard sometimes – I’ve found my purpose again. I’m back with avengence and vowing (pun intended) to be there for you every step of the way. As I mentioned last week, I promise to share the nitty gritty details of planning that maybe you don’t want to hear but need to hear. And after I share the nitty gritty, I promise to help you find a solution to make it better.

A wedding is the biggest celebration you’ll ever throw and it’s my philosophy that you should have fun planning it. Because, at the end of the day, if you get to marry the one you love, nothing else matters.

Alright, are you ready to do this? Let’s get planning!

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