Oh y’all…today’s topic. It’s seriously a toughie. It truthfully happens all the time. You share everything with your best friend, including what your dream wedding would look like. Then she gets married before you and surprisingly her day looks oddly similar to the picture you painted for her months or years ago.

You can’t help but feel a little betrayed and wonder what the heck you are going to do now. How can you possibly have your dream day without everyone thinking you copied her? It’s totally possible and here are seven tips for making it happen.

  1. Always remember that she’s not you | And you aren’t her. While the themes may seem similar, she’s not you. The way you do things isn’t necessarily the way she does things. Naturally, that’s going to provide some differences right there.
  2. Incorporate personal touches | This is an extension of number one. She’s not you. By incorporating personal touches that are unique to you, your fiance, and your story, your day will automatically be different.
  3. You definitely won’t have the same guest list | There may be a bit of crossover but your guest lists won’t be identical. If you’re worried about what guests are going to think, remember that most of them will have never seen her wedding.
  4. You do you, girl | You shouldn’t live your life or plan your wedding concerned about other people’s perception of you. At the end of the day, as long as you stay true to who you are and get to marry the one you love, nothing else matters.
  5. No one probably even remembers her wedding | This may come off a little brash and I’m okay with that. Truthfully, unless she got married last week, the few guests that were at her wedding that are also invited to yours probably don’t remember a single detail of her day. With the number of weddings they’re going to, they honestly probably forget the details immediately after leaving. Plus, you’re not planning this day for them. You’re planning it for you.
  6. You’re theme isn’t really that original | Now, I’m getting real honest and I’m sorry if I offended you. But, there are literally thousands of people getting married every year using the same theme as you. When a trend is popular (even if you’ve dreamed of it before it was cool) there is bound to be someone you know that also has a romantic blush wedding that’s serving BBQ. Unless you’re live in a small town in Alabama and are having a Japanese themed wedding, your best friend having the same theme as you is really not surprising.
  7. Once you get over it, embrace it | It’s going to sting a little at first. That’s okay. Let it. But after you have a short pity party, embrace it. Offer to buy some of her decor that you can turn into your own at half the price. It saves you money and she won’t have to hold onto the stuff any longer. Win – win!

All of this said, if she is really copying everything you’re planning or did just to be snotty, then there may be some other issues that need to be addressed. But if you both happen to like the same things, then go with it! It wouldn’t be surprising, since after all, you are friends therefore probably have some very similar interests.

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