In all likelihood your wedding dress is the most expensive, not to mention important, dress you will ever own and wear in your life. Caring for it is unlike caring for that hot pink silk taffeta number you wore in your friend’s wedding years ago. It takes a little special attention and we’re sharing everything you need to know to care for your gown pre and post wedding day to ensure it will be around for generations to come.

Store in a Climate Controlled Space

Both before and after the wedding you’ll want to ensure your dress is stored in a cool, low humidity area. The back of the closet is a good option if it’s kept in a bag.

Avoid Acidic Papers and Plastics

Tissue papers, especially colored tissue, and plastic dress bags can contain acid. Overtime this can cause discoloration and yellowing in your dress. Invest in a proper dress bag if the salon does not give you one with your dress. Use this bag for storage before your ceremony.

Get it Steamed After Your Final Fitting

If the seamstress doesn’t steam your dress for you, take it to the cleaners about a week before your wedding to get steamed. Once you have it home, allow your dress to hang out of the bag until wedding day. This will prevent any additional wrinkles from setting in. Only put it in the bag for transportation and remove it again as soon as you arrive at your venue.

Don’t Try Steaming Yourself

I see many couples try to steam their dress themselves on wedding day. Here’s the problem though, Handheld steamers are not always the most reliable. Plus, if you don’t use one regularly, you risk ruining your dress trying to get the wrinkles out. It’s better to have a wrinkly dress than a burnt one.

Get It Professionally Cleaned Within a Week of Your Wedding

Each fabric and designer will have different care instructions to preserve the life of their gown. Check with the salon where you purchased your gown and the designer to see what they recommend for cleaning.

Have it Preserved

Preservation kits can be purchased online and are the best way to ensure your dress is around for generations to come. Many salons carry preservation kits. However, you can find them online as well. The most reputable company is Wedding Gown Preservation Kit.

Keep It in a Dark/Dimly Lit Area

Avoid attics at all costs. But other than that, any dark or dimly lit area indoors with low humidity is perfect for storing your gown even after it’s been preserved.

Check It Yearly

Even if your gown has been preserved, it’s still important to pull it out yearly and check for holes, mildew, discoloration, stains or other signs of damage. If you notice any, take it to the dry cleaner immediately for repair.

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