A wedding without flowers really wouldn’t be a wedding at all. That’s obviously not true, but flowers are an intricate part of your wedding decor. But, between centerpieces for 20 tables, your bouquet, bouquets for your girls, boutonnieres, ceremony flowers and other arrangements around the room, the cost can far exceed what you’ve budgeted if you aren’t careful. Today I’m sharing how you can save money on wedding flowers and still get the impact you want.

Use Bouquets as Centerpieces

After the ceremony and formal pictures with your bridal party, have your girls put their bouquets in an empty vase on the center of a table. This way your girls can carry the luscious bouquets you want them too without having to sacrifice.

Reuse Ceremony Flowers at Your Reception

Take altar arrangements, aisle markers and any other ceremony florals and have your coordinator repurpose them at your reception. Use larger arrangements on your welcome table, loose ceremony flowers on your cake or aisle markers on the chairs at your head table.

Only Do Floral Centerpieces on Half Your Tables

On the other half, opt to do an array of candles in glass hurricanes or lanterns. Cutting down the number of centerpieces you need can save you big. The candlelight also creates a beautiful glow throughout the space.

Opt for Seasonal Flowers

Your florist should suggest seasonal flowers. But if you have a specific bloom in mind, say peonies, allow your florist to make suggestions of seasonal stems that look similar. It will allow you to have the look you’re going for without having to pay to have them shipped from another country.

Go for Smaller Arrangements

This may seem obvious, but the larger the arrangement, the more expensive it will be. Show your florist the look you’re going for and ask for it to be made smaller. Again, you’ll get the look you’re going for without spending as much as your inspiration image.

*Note: While sometimes you have to cut back for budgetary reasons, I’m a big advocate of spending money where it’s important to you. If you can’t imagine your wedding without over the top flowers, find other areas where you can save to make up the difference.

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