Mismatched bridesmaids attire is a huge trend right now. We love the idea of giving your girls the option to choose a dress at a price point they’re comfortable with, in a style that flatters them that they can hang out in all night. Here’s how to pull the trend off at your own wedding in a super chic way.

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Choose a Single Length

Even though the point is to not match, this trend works best where there is a bit of consistency. Choose a single length such as floor, knee or midi for all of your girls to wear. For this trend, floor or midi is the best option in my opinion.


Stick to a single color palette, pattern or fabric

Again, having some common denominator is best here. Whether you choose a single color (say blue) or pattern (say floral like Rachel + Matt’s intimate Brooklyn Wedding), fabric (say lace), or some combination (say blue lace or blue floral), there should be something that ties them all together.


Encourage Beading and Different Fabrics

If you choose a single color, encourage beading, sequins and different fabrics to create texture and layers. The visual interest will look great in your pictures!


Don’t be afraid to let your maid of honor stand out

If you’ve chosen a single color palette, don’t be afraid to let your maid of honor wear a patterned dress. Just make sure it fits in color wise and you’re good to go.


Make Sure There’s a Healthy Mix

Once you’ve set the parameters, make sure there’s a healthy mix. Nothing looks worse than when all your girls choose long navy chiffon dresses and one choose navy with heavy beading.

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Are you doing mismatched bridesmaid dresses at your wedding? If so, tell us the look you’re going for in the comments.