Honestly, wedding favors are a bit of a taboo topic. They’re always the first thing I suggest you cut if you have budget concerns. This is mainly because most guests end up leaving them behind or throwing them in the trash. To be totally honest (you know I’m all about honesty) no one really wants something with your name and wedding date plastered all over it anyways.

But, if you have the room in your budget and want to include a little thank you to your guests for attending, we have seven ideas they will absolutely love. And to answer your question now, none of them involve koozies….

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Mini Bottles of Wine or Spirits

Mini bottles of wine definitely work best at more intimate affairs like Billy + Oviett’s vineyard wedding. But, depending on the theme of your wedding, large bottles of spirits – think limoncello for an Italian wedding or tequila for a fiesta – can be purchased in big bottles and split between smaller swing top bottles with custom labels.


Breakfast for the Next Morning

For a wedding I planned a few years ago, the couple gave out mini scones, muffins and breakfast bread in a berry basket with a baby jar of jam and an apple. It is still to this day one of my favorite favors a client has ever done. Who doesn’t want to go back to their hotel knowing when they wake up homemade pastries will be waiting on them?


Late Night Snacks

If you’re anything like me, a night of celebrating always sends me home craving less than healthy food. As guests go to leave, have prepackaged late night snacks waiting for them to grab. Some of my favorites include mini donuts, soft pretzels, or if you really have some money to spend here, Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches.


Coffee Beans or Bottles of Cold Brew

If you’re big into coffee, I love the idea of giving your guests mini burlap coffee bags full or beans or bottles of cold brew. You’re guests will love knowing their bringing home something that really speaks of you!


Bottles of Oil + Vinegar and Fresh Baked Bread

If you haven’t already caught onto the trend, clearly food favors are always a guest’s favorite favor. If your wedding has an al fresco flair, send guests home with mini bottles of oil and vinegar and fresh baked bread for dipping


Frost Flex Cups

While koozies are overdone, custom frost flex cups are a great alternative. The good thing is they can actually double as bar glasses at your actual reception. If you want to see them in use, check out our first real wedding. We actually have stacks of these at home from our own wedding and our favorite Bahamian bars and use them all the time for outdoor parties, taking cocktails on our bikes and tailgating during football season.


Holiday Ornaments

With the holidays quickly approaching, I had to throw this one in there. If you’re doing a wedding anytime around the holidays, ornaments make a great favor. They don’t have to be traditional ornaments either. Think of something that represents the two of you and/or your wedding theme/location. People love hanging ornaments on their tree to remind them of places visited and things done.

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Are you doing favors for your wedding? Comment below and let us know!