Congrats! You’re finally engaged. I’m sure you’re soaking up every minute of it and staring endlessly at that gorgeous new sparkler on your ring finger. But, if you’ve been engaged for longer than 30 seconds, you’ve probably been victim of the hundreds of questions that immediately follow your engagement announcement. It’s a series of questions that you in no way could possibly know the answer to yet and in about 24 hours will be beyond tired of answering.

Of course no one means any harm by asking. They’re just excited for this next chapter in your life. But how do you answer without being rude after the 15th time you’ve been asked today? We’re sharing our top answers below that will satisfy the asker and keep your stress level down.

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When’s the big day?

Right after you say yes, there’s no possible way you could know this. My favorite response to this question is always “Right now we’re just celebrating the fact that we’re finally engaged. We’ll start planning in the coming weeks and will let the availability of our favorite vendors determine our date.” If you’ve always dreamed of getting married a certain time of year or having a certain type of wedding, you can throw that in there for good measure too. Something along the lines of, “I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding so it will have to be in the Spring or Fall when the weather is nice.”

Am I invited?

This is the worst question, especially after you’ve just gotten engaged. For starters, you just said yes. Are they expecting the guest list to be done pre engagement? Also, in this planner’s opinion, it’s frankly just rude to ask. This is one of those situations where you have to be a little bit diplomatic in my opinion. I recommend a non-answer answer – something along the lines of “We’d love to have all our friends and family there to celebrate with us.” or “If the budget permits, it’ll be one big party.” With something like this you aren’t committing to inviting them and it’s usually enough to suffice in the moment.

When are you going to have kids?

Seriously? Kids? We just got engaged. Get ready though and memorize your answer now because you’ll get this one almost everyday until you actually announce your pregnancy. I can’t tell you what to say here because everyone is different. I will tell you though that my husband and I have been using the same answer since we got engaged three and a half years ago. “In a few years. We want/have (insert reason here).” To this day, I still say a few years. One day, someone’s bound to catch on and remember I’ve been saying it for a few years already. The reason always changes and it’s frankly just a nice way to say “We’ll have them when we have them and please stop asking.”

What questions did you get asked the most right after getting engaged? Comment below and let us know how you handled it.

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