The hardest part of wedding planning for just about everyone is actually starting wedding planning. You may have all of these grand visions in your head of the perfect day or you may have no vision at all. Either way, it’s overwhelming. Where do you start? How to you narrow down what you really want and start actually planning your wedding?

I could rattle off a list of to-dos for you, but it’s all going to feel like too much. I could share links to the endless blog posts and articles I’ve written on budgets, guest lists, design and more, but you’d still have questions. I could try to spell it all out in plain English but it will still feel like Pig Latin.

Plus, when there are hundreds of other wedding blogs out there all sharing different information on the same topic, you’re going to want to bury your head in your hands and cry. That’s why we started the “I Said Yes! Now What?” series. From the day you sign up, I’ll help you tackle the first four most important tasks of wedding planning setting you up for a stress less planning experience.

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Every week, we’ll tackle a new task together – from allocating your budget to finalizing your guest list to creating a cohesive design plan that you can easily execute within your budget to booking your venue (ultimately setting your wedding date!) Signing up for the I Said Yes! Now What? series is the best way to start your wedding planning guaranteeing stress-less planning until the big day. The best part, it’s only $29. 

So, what do you say? Ready to start planning? Sign up here and we’ll get started. In four week’s time you’ll be well underway to planning a day that is a true reflection of you!

We can’t wait to help you start planning. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and let’s plan this thing!

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