Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn a ring more expensive, gorgeous or important than your engagement ring? Oh, not you either? Before that sparkler was hanging out on your left hand, you never had to care for something so precious. But not that you do, it’s important to get it right. Right? Right.

If I was a betting woman, I’d bet you never want to take it off. But, wearing it 24/7 could actually be doing more harm than good. Here’s what you should do to care for it so that it stays shiny and new for years to come.


Clean It Regularly

I recommend having your ring professionally cleaned once every three months. Each time you take it in for a professional cleaning, the jeweler will inspect your setting making sure the prongs are secure on the diamond. Plus, it will come home just as sparkly as the day you said yes.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Everyday cleaning solutions, especially bleach, can wear on the metal and degrade your diamond over time. When cleaning the house, we recommend wearing gloves, or better yet, removing it all together. Additionally, you’ll want to remove it any time you go swimming. Chlorine plus diamonds just don’t mix.

Take it Off From Time to Time

When doing anything involving physical labor, it’s best to remove your ring all together, this includes doing yard work, going to the gym, or moving. You could catch your ring on something or hit it on a hard object causing the diamond to come loose and fall out.

Be Cautious Around Water

As I mentioned above, chlorine is just not good for your ring. But, you should be cautious around water in general. If it’s easy to remove your ring when your hands are dry, it can easily fall off when your hands are wet.

Make Sure It’s Insured

Ring insurance is a big part of caring for your ring. Should anything go wrong, insurance will cover the cost to repair or replace the ring.

Now that you know how to properly care for your ring, show off that new sparkler in the comments and tell us about the engagement!