There are two things I know for sure when it comes to wedding planning – it’s incredibly fun and at times incredibly stressful. While there are aspects of wedding planning that will seem like a walk in the park, there are others that will leave you reaching for the closest bottle of wine and wondering if it’s too late to elope.

Mid workday texts from guests telling you they’re bringing friends and family that weren’t invited. Hidden costs popping up that throw your budget completely out of whack. Last minute emails from guests informing you they have a severe peanut allergy. Countless estimates, proposals and contracts to keep straight.  Outside forces trying to turn your big day into their own.

All of these things, plus every other detail can overwhelm and add unnecessary stress to an otherwise exciting time in your life. Here are five tips to help you manage and reduce planning related stress.

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Allot Dedicated Time for Wedding Planning

For my clients that are already extremely busy with work and social commitments, I always suggest setting aside a dedicated block of time once a week to handle wedding planning tasks. During these few hours, answer emails, review contracts, make to-do lists or better yet, make decisions. It will help you balance all life is throwing at you right now.

Review Your Progress Once a Month

Or once a week if it makes you feel better. With everything you have going on, it’s easy to forget if you’ve accomplished a task or if you just think you did. Once a month, during your dedicated planning time, review all the tasks you’ve accomplished to date and everything else you need to do coming up.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Whether it be from a friend, family member or pro, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Find someone you trust, who sees your vision and is willing to help take a little pressure off when you need it.

Take All the Time You Need

Throughout the planning process you’re going to feel a lot of pressure from vendors and family members to make decisions and make them now. If you have any reservations about the decisions you’re about to make, wait. Don’t make a decision until you’re comfortable with it. This will ensure you’re not only planning the wedding you want but it will save you money in the long run if you don’t have to go back and change things.

Make It Fun

Hanging with friends and relaxing are natural stress relievers. So, why not incorporate downtime with friends and wedding planning? Turn otherwise mundane tasks into a party. Host a wine tasting to determine what will be served with dinner. Host a movie night and ask your friends to help you stuff invitations while you watch. You’ll accomplish a few tasks off your I Do list and relax while doing so!

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