Do you ever have the greatest intentions to get something done? To be productive after work, get ahead for the week or make small changes that feel like they will add hours to your week? Do those things ever not get done?

Let me tell you, I get it. Life is busy. It’s a never ending cycle of wake up, go to the gym, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. As hard as you try to accomplish those few extra tasks, the temptation of a glass of wine and the latest makeover on HGTV take over.

When you get engaged and start planning your wedding, it only gets worse. Not to scare you or anything! But, the endless emails, countless consultations and thousands of decisions you’re about to have to make can feel like all too much sometimes.

The average wedding takes between 600-800 hours to plan. It’s honestly like a second full time job that you don’t really have time for. So what’s one supposed to do? You don’t have the budget for a full service planner or the time to do it all yourself while keeping your sanity.

I don’t want you to worry though. It’s possible to keep killing it at your job while planning your big day and still making time for that glass of wine and HGTV binge. All you have to do is follow these five tips and it’ll all be okay.

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Tip #1 – Get Organized and Stay That Way: I think I write this in almost every post. But, honestly, being organized is the #1 way to manage all you have going on over the next few months. Get your digital planning tools all set up or go the old fashioned route of utilizing a big binder if you aren’t a virtual planning client. Use the same subject line for all of your emails so they stay grouped together (My go to is your last name plus wedding date. This also helps the vendors keep all your correspondence together.)

Tip #2 – Set Aside One or Two Days a Week for Wedding Tasks: Instead of trying to do a little bit every night, set aside one or two days a week to respond to emails, review proposals and check things off that I Do list. Also utilize this time for in person or phone consults. Keeping it all separate from your work hours and designated specific time to the tasks will guarantee you don’t overlook anything.

Tip #3 – Incorporate Your Friends: Your friends may not want to actually help you plan your wedding in a traditional sense. But, turn some of the tasks into group activities so you can relax with your friends while still getting tasks accomplished. For example, if you need to choose a signature cocktail, invite your friends over for a cocktail tasting party and encourage them to bring pitchers of their favorite recipes for all to try.

Tip #4 – Split Tasks Evenly with Your Planning Partners: Your planning partners would be anyone that’s involved in the decision making process and/or is helping pay for the wedding. This would include your fiancé, parents or future in laws. While your best friend may be a huge help in other ways, he or she can’t spend your money for you. Split tasks with whoever is helping you in the decision making process. After all, you’re busy and can’t do this all yourself.

Tip #5 – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: At some point during your engagement, you’re going to get overwhelmed. It’s inevitable. There’s going to be small things that bother you more than you ever thought they would and people that act in ways you never imagined they could. Don’t sweat it. I know that’s easier said than done, but always remember that if at the end of the day you get to marry the one you love, then nothing else matters. Let out a scream in frustration and then move on. Don’t soak in the negative energy, stay positive and don’t let the little things ruin what should be a joyous occasion in your life

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