As a wedding planner, I often get tired of seeing the same things over and over again in weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowing eucalyptus and farm tables as much as the next girl, but when you look at and design weddings all day – they all start to blend together. The most beautiful weddings in my opinion, regardless of overall budget, are the ones that incorporated personal details throughout the date.

Infusing your story, interest and personalities into each element of your wedding not only guarantees that you’re wedding won’t be like every other one you’ve attended in the last two years, but that you’re guests will walk away saying it was the perfect day.

Putting touches of you in your wedding sounds easy but it often times leaves people scratching their heads. If you’re struggling with how to make your wedding feel like “you”, then answer these 7 questions and see how they can inspire the most memorable wedding day ever.

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1.     What is a meal that holds special meaning to you and your fiancé? Were you enjoying a pasta dinner the first time you said “I love you”? Or maybe you ate Mexican on your first date. Perhaps you go to brunch and order the same thing every Sunday. Look back at the meals you have shared together and remember the special moments. Let this be inspiration for the food you serve at your reception. If you have a few favorite meals, consider having action stations where you can showcase your favorites. You could even frame a little story for why you chose the foods you did. This personal touch will certainly make your reception all the more memorable.

2.     Where is your favorite place to visit together? If you are considering a destination wedding, this could serve as your location. If you’re having your wedding closer to home, your favorite vacation spot could inspire your décor. Do you both love Hawaii? Incorporate pineapples, palm fronds, and tropical blooms into your centerpieces. You could even give each guest a lei as they arrive at your ceremony.

3.     What is your favorite season? Choosing your favorite season is a great way to narrow down your date choices. If you love a snowy, winter day, consider picking a day in December or January to marry your love. By choosing your favorite season, it can also help you pick wedding colors and a décor theme.

4.     Where did you and your fiancé meet? One of the easiest and most fun ways to incorporate a little personality into your wedding is with a nod to where you met. If you met in freshman biology class while attending the same university, for example, you can gather a bunch of pom poms in your school colors and have guests shake them as you make your grand exit for the evening. Or, use science beakers as vases. The possibilities are endless.

5.     What is your favorite activity to do together or way to spend the weekend? Are you in to gardening? Use small potted plants as centerpieces as opposed to floral arrangements and send guests home with personalized seedling packets. Do you like to travel? Incorporate globes, vintage suitcases and souvenirs from your favorite destinations.

6.     Where did you and your fiancé get engaged? Looking back on your engagement and translating that moment into your wedding day is such an amazing nod to the future you are about to start together.

7.     What is your favorite memory with you fiancé, besides your engagement? Whether this memory be food related, a trip, or an experience had together, it can inspire a number of different aspects on your wedding day. Reflect on the amazing times you have shared together and see how you can incorporate your past into your future.

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