As the wedding industry continues to grow, most couples getting married today either know an established vendor or someone looking to break into the industry. You’re probably thinking it’d be great to hire your friend. You already know this person and know you get along. They’ll do a great job for you because they’re your friend and they may event cut you a deal.

While all of those sound like great reasons to hire your friends as vendors, I strongly advise against it. While this doesn’t apply in all situations, I often find that couples experience more frustration when working with friends. In addition to that, here’s some other reasons why hiring your friends is a bad idea…

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You’re Too Comfortable Together

When hiring someone to do a job for you, there needs to be a healthy level of respect for the working relationship. You need to be able to openly communicate about things like money, deadlines and expectations without fear of offending the other.

I often find that this line gets pretty blurry when working with good friends. You’re so comfortable together that you both assume details without asking the proper questions. At the end of the day, this leads to frustration, headache and can even ruin friendships.

They want to enjoy your wedding as well

If you’re good friends with this person, chances are they’d welcome a night off and a chance to be fully present celebrating your big day with you. As a vendor, sometimes it’s nice to actually attend a wedding and not have to work one.

No one is happy working at a discount

This is the primary reason I, along with many other vendors, don’t offer discounts. When someone discounts their goods or services, it automatically switches from a fun job they’re excited about to an obligation.

Obligations are less exciting and you’re less dedicated. Plus, there’s a constant feeling of being taken advantage of. When you add that to the fact that you’re working for your friend so you feel like you can’t say no, it can create a lot of angst for all involved.

There’s no sense of urgency

Because you’re too comfortable with each other and no one likes working at a discount, there’s no sense of urgency to get things done on your behalf. When hiring a vendor, regardless of how many clients they have, you want to feel like they’re focused on you when you need and want them to be.

This isn’t always the case when you hire your friends since the relationship is more casual from the beginning.

Again, I just want to state that this isn’t the case in all situations and but it’s certainly something to consider before hiring your friends.

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