Let’s be honest, I’m much better with the spoken word than the written. For a while now I’ve been considering adding video blogs, or vlogs as the cool kids say, to the weekly schedule. While I share videos daily on Instagram Stories, they are usually just short quick tips and behind the scene glimpses. I’ve been wanting to create a way to share more in depth information and planning advice that can live much longer than any Live I’d ever do.

Sharing a weekly video here on the blog is the way to do that. Every Friday they’ll be a new video posted here with tips, tricks and insight into planning your best day ever. As for the topics, we’ll those will come straight from you! If there’s any one particular topic you want or need to know more about, you can submit it to us via email, Facebook messenger, Instagram direct message or even carrier pigeon.

Hope you enjoy this new series and I can’t wait to cover the topics of your choosing!

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