If you’re new around here, you might not quite understand my love for summer months and beach destinations yet. To me, there is no better feeling that sitting by the water with the warm sun beating down on your back holding a glass of rose and being present with friends and family. That feeling is something I aim to infuse into every client’s wedding.

Since we have just celebrated the unofficial start to the greatest season, I’ve decided we’re going to celebrate all summer long. How you might wonder. Well, each of our inspiration posts from now through Labor Day will highlight a different coastal destination from around the world. And, I’ll be telling you how to bring that inspiration to life no matter where you’re getting married.

First up, the Amalfi Coast of Italy. A dream location for many, the Amalfi Coast and the Italian people embody all that is summer to me year round. There’s a focus on spending quality time with friends and family over a good meal with good wine and they’re always present in the moment – just a few things that make each wedding perfect.

If you can’t have a dream destination wedding in Italy (how awesome would that be!), here’s how you can pull off an Amalfi Coast inspired wedding at home.

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Colors: While inland Italy highlights natural, warm tones, colors get a little more bright and fun on the coast. A palette of lemon yellow, azul blue and crisp white is ideal for this kind of wedding.

Design Details: There are two details I would carry through your design with this type of wedding – bold blue and white stripes and lemons. Lemons are native to the area and a prominent ingredient in food and cocktails alike. Plus, they look gorgeous with leave still attached strung across the table. Blue and white stripes can be used in a number of place like on table runners, ribbons for bouquets, welcome bags, invitations and more. The bold combo of blue and white stripes and lemons is sure to give your wedding a designer look no matter your budget.

Cocktails + Dinner: Since Italian meals are designed in courses, I’d do the same for your catering. Being cocktail hour by serving a beautiful antipasto course that include meats, cheeses, and bruschettas accompanied by Aperol Spritz. From there, I’d have a series of small plates served in courses either as a plated meal or action station. The courses for an Italian meal are as follows:

Primo: This is the appetizer course which consists of either a pasta dish, soup, rice dish like risotto or polenta. It’s important to note that in Italy pasta is considered an appetizer, not a main course and is not served with meat in the dish.

Secondo: This is your main course and includes your meat – either a chicken, beef or fish. Typically it’s pretty simple and a smaller portion.

Contorno: The contorno accompanies il secondo and usually consists of freshly prepared vegetables.

Insalata: In European cultures salads are always served following the main course. While this course can be skipped, if you choose to have one, it would traditionally come following the main dish.

Dolce: My favorite! This is your dessert course. For your wedding you could simply serve your wedding cake or you could opt for an additional dessert item in addition to it.

If you want to keep it authentic, end the night with a pour of limoncello for each guest. If you’ve never had it before, it’s a delicious sweet lemon flavored liqueur that aids in digestion and is traditionally served at the end of every meal.  

What is your favorite coastal destination? Let us know in the comments and you may see here this summer.

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