Today’s summer wedding inspiration takes us to sunny Florida. I knew I wanted to do a Florida inspired wedding at some point during this series but was always stuck on what to do. The state is wildly diverse and I could have drawn inspiration from a variety of places. But, after a little thinking, I decided to head inland from the beaches and take inspiration from Florida’s signature citrus groves.

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The bright rine of the oranges, the deep pink of the grapefruit and the green leaves that keep them both grounded create the perfect, happy palette for a summer wedding. Even if you can’t travel to the citrus groves to host your wedding, here’s how you can host a celebratory citrus inspired wedding wherever you are.

Colors: This one is pretty obvious. Let the natural colors of the citrus inspire you. Keep it bright and fun utilizing shades of orange, pink and yellow. Add a natural element to keep the look grounded with lots of greenery.

Design Details: Take your wedding to the next level by not only featuring citrus motifs on your invitations and others stationery goods, but by also utilizing the fruit itself throughout your design. Kumquats on stem sprinkled in your bouquets and halved citrus mixed in with table garland are the perfect touches. With a bold theme like this, it’s best to go over the top where you can. Don’t hold back and utilize both citrus flavors and motifs wherever possible.

Cocktails + Dinner: Citrus infused signature cocktails will not only compliment your theme but will be the perfect light, festive sipper for a hot summer day. As for the food, have your caterer create a menu designed to compliment the bold and acidic flavors of citrus. If in your budget, fresh seafood is a Florida wedding staple and ideal for summer. To really pack a punch, carry the citrus flavors all the way through to your cake.

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#citruswedding #brightcolorfulwedding #citrusgrovewedding #colorfulwedding #floridawedding #orangeandpinkwedding