I’m a big believer that the best weddings are the ones that ones that draw influence from you and your story. Taking cues from your favorite items or your families histories not only creates a day that’s unique to you but one that’s full of meaning and love. Incorporating the past into your future highlights the important details that brought your two paths together. Some of our favorite ideas for honoring your families at your wedding are…Check this https://www.paydayloanhelpers.com/payday-loan-debt-assistance/ you need more budget for your wedding, you can borrow cash instantly thru online.

Honor Family

1.    Wear your mother or grandmother’s dress. It may not be your style now but a seamstress can work wonders. Show her images of dresses you like and allow her to rework the material into something you’ll want to hand down to your own daughter one day.

2.    Display old family photos. Family members don’t have to be deceased to display their photos. You could include the wedding portraits of your parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents or use photos from your childhood in various spots.

3.    Celebrate your culture and family history. Your background and cultural heritage are a big part of who you are. Don’t be afraid to incorporate traditional elements from your culture into the ceremony and reception. Check out this wedding we recently featured that brought together the bride’s Italian and the groom’s Polynesian heritages into one beautiful and unique day.

4.    Use family recipes. Even if your caterer won’t use a recipe provided by a family member, you can still have them do a take on your old family favorites. Did your family have spaghetti and meatballs for celebratory dinners? Did you each mac n’ cheese every Friday night growing up? Let your families favorite foods inspire your wedding menu.

5.    Include family heirlooms. It could be a necklace your grandmother always wore, a lace tablecloth your mom uses on holidays, or maybe the cake cutting set your fiancé’s parents used to cut their cake. Incorporating pieces like this will give special meaning to every detail of your wedding.

6.    Read your grandparents wedding vows. One of my favorite things I’ve ever had a client do was read the same vows that her grandparents read when they got married 50 years ago. It was a truly touching moment and still stands out in my mind.

How did you incorporate your family into your wedding day?